Pakistan's famous transgenders and their achievements

Gender Is No Barrier To Success; These Pakistani Transgenders Are Making Us Proud!

by Ayesha Sohail

Ever since Transgenders are being accepted as full citizens with equal rights, they are struggling to be the country’s backbone striving to make people aware that their success is not anyone else’s failure. Shunned by the mainstream society, they are still forced into begging, prostitution, and dancing because our country is deeply conservative when it comes to their social acceptance. Isn’t it?

Life for transgenders is much harder than an average person may think. But time doesn’t remain the same. It is the age of revolution. Transgenders are excelling, in every field, be it education, journalism, human rights activism, painting, opening NGOs, religious institutions, stitching centers, food delivery, for not to be taken for granted. Hence, they are working tirelessly to enter the main workforce field. So, let’s meet some real-life, talented Transgender who had broken chains around and amazed us with their achievements.

Marvia Malik—News Anchor and Model 

21-years old Marvia Malik started her debut for a private Lahore-based news channel, Koh-e-Noor, in 2018. She was the first transgender news anchor in the history of the Pakistani media industry.

Marvia Malik Pakistan's first transgender tv anchor
Source: Marvia Malik instagram

She was given several modeling opportunities. She also set the ramp of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week on fire. 

Marvia Malik Pakistan's first transgender model
Source: Marvia Malik instagram

Nisha Rao— Lawyer 

Nisha Rao is Pakistan’s first transgender lawyer. She has carved her path from begging on the streets to the courtroom. She had earned a law degree, gained her license, and joined the Karachi Bar Association. However, her story is truly inspiring in the conservative Islamic Republic. 

Nisha Rao Pakistan's first transgenders lawyer
Source: Nisha Rao instagram

Moon—Food Delivery Service 

An initiative of ‘Kunda Chaari—Ghar Sy Dastarkhwan Tak’ by Lahore based Transgender activist, started by Moon, is a great revolution in food delivery service. The food is made by their own members and delivered by the transgender riders and delivery persons.

Rani Khan—Madrassa Teacher

Rani Khan, quitting dancing and singing, migrated from Chiniot to Islamabad in November 2020. She opened the first-ever madrassa for transgender to spread the teachings of Islam, generating revenue by herself. As there is no school for transgenders to get an education from, this, according to her, would make them strong and educated. Huge respect!

Chandni–Transgender Artisan 

Chandni, a passionate and creative paint-lover, lived on the streets right after her matriculation. Later, instead of dancing, she began working with the organization run by law student Maha Irfan Chishti, who educates and gives them vocational skills to improve their living. Chandni made decorative trays, coasters, lamps, candle-stands, bookstands, and stools after three months of training. She also exhibited them at Serena Hotel, Islamabad. Amazing!

Respect and Support!

The above list would be a never-ending one if we respect and stop making them uncomfortable for what Allah has made them. You can also help and support them through different platforms. One such platform is “Trans Empowerment Program” through which you can donate money or different things for their respectable earning. Try finding the similar ones, but make sure you are donating to the right and deserving ones!

So, it depends totally on us, whether we make them knock on the doors to beg, sell their bodies for two cents or make them respectable members of our community. Ever imagined yourself dancing openly on the streets and weddings for the sole purpose of earning? Just imagine your family out casting you for some female changes happening in your male patterns. Imagine begging at the roadside and someone calling you ‘Zanana,’ ‘Oye Chakkay!’ with a disgraceful tone. How would you feel? You would have a terrain of insecurities like them. 

So, Be Kind, Respect, Support and Try to make this world beautiful for them!

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