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Top 10 Havelis to visit in Lahore

by Hassan Tariq

The definition of life is just like a sedimentary rock piling up the remains of barren history on its deep shoulders. Exploring these deep secrets is no doubt worth and peeling of the layers of history is of interest to many. Just like many layers the old buildings of any area gives you bright vision that how life existed in these streets long ago. Lahore, no doubt, is among the oldest cities in the world and its streets shout audaciously about their past and gives sagacious warmth to its explorer. Havelis in Lahore are among the keen attraction for any outsider and history explorer. This article is going to give you brief idea about top 10 historical and famous Havelis in Lahore.

1.  Haveli Mian Khan:

Haveli Mian khan, Top 10 havelis to visit in lahore
Source: locallylahore.com

Haveli Mian Khan built, during Emperor Shah Jahan’s rule by his Prime Minister Nawab Saadullah Khan, is one of the most famous historic Havelis in Lahore. It was finished during the rule of Emperor Aurangzeb by the Nawab’s child, Mian Khan, who was the legislative head (Governor) of Lahore. This stupendous building was spread more than two square kilometers. At the point when the British took over Lahore in 1849, they changed over Rang Mahal into a Mission School. To date, the structure is being utilized as Mission High School.

2. Kimla Haveli:

Source: Flickr.com

Kumti Haveli is situated in Gumti Bazaar, opposite Pani Wala Talab. The building has an amazingly beautiful exterior. This Haveli is otherwise called the Blakki Shah building. Blakki shah was a Hindu who built this Haveli in 1929. After the partition of the sub-continent, the family moved from India and lived here.

3. Mubarak Begum Haveli, Bhati Gate, Lahore:

Source: Pakpedia.pk

If at any time there was a haveli that could be marked as among the most established, and furthermore the best, without question one of those Havelis will be: Mubarik Begum, inside Bhati Gate. Engineering of the haveli is a state of the art of that time with kankar lime finish. Multifoil curves in rectangular shape upheld with pillars are adding aesthetic and artistic sense to the structure. The main yard is made of bricks and is encircled with columns of rooms that are adding charisma to the haveli.

4. Dhian Singh Haveli:

Source: tribune.com

Another gem, Dhian Singh Haveli, owned by Raja Dhian Singh, a retainer and later the Chief Minister of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Numerous pieces of this Haveli were harmed during the War of Independence. This Haveli additionally filled in as the first place of Government College and Oriental College Lahore in 1864.

5. Haveli Jamadar Khushaal Singh:

Source: aliusmanbaig.blogspot.com

Haveli of Jamadar Khushal Singh is located towards Masti Gate. Today it is known as Chuna Mandi Girls College. It was built by Khushal Singh, one of the most critical court member of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. This is at present the broadest and spacious Haveli inside the Walled City of Lahore.

6. Haveli Wajid Shah:

Source: Locallylahore.com

Haveli Wajid Ali Shah, Haveli of Nau Nihal Singh, and Faqir Khana. The Haveli of Wajid Ali Shah is in the ownership of Wajid Ali Shah who was the fifth King of Oudh (in present-day Uttar Pradesh in India) from 1847 to 1856.

7. Haveli Nau Nihal Singh:

Source: The Mad hatters youtube video screenshot

Haveli of Nau Nihal Singh famously known as Victoria School for Girls is a fortune of Lahore. It is situated at the intersection of Mori Gate and the Bhati Gate. It was built by Nau Nihal Singh, child of Maharaja Kharak Singh, as his private home. The Haveli was taken over by the British in 1849 and changed over into the primary government-funded school for young girls. Till now the Haveli is serving as a girl’s school.

8. Laal Haveli:

Source: Dailytimes.com

Another amazing structure situated inside Lohari Gate close to Awami Bazaar is the Laal Haveli. It is known as “Lal” on account of the red blocks, mortar, and big marble galleries. Another eye-catching however concealed bit of workmanship.

9.  Haveli of Poori Bai:

Source: Dailytimes.com.pk

The Noori Haveli exists inside the Lohari Gate of Androon Shehr Lahore, near ‘Mohalla Peer Shirazi’. Of course, the Haveli is in messes today, and it must not be in the same condition back in the time. It reflects that it was a majestic piece in its times. The balconies, jharokas, line work, carvings on ceilings and roofs, high rise pillars, open courtyard, and gaudily carved rooms reflect the glory of this deceased building. 

10. Haveli Alif Shah:

Source: Tripadvisor.com

Haveli Alif Shah is situated in Koocha Charakhra. This Haveli is known for its religious ceremonies and functions and parades. One of the principle parades in the period of Muharram is driven from this Haveli.

History has enormous potential to carry dark secrets and untold stories of the past. Every building described above does not end there instead there are layers of stories that must be explored and told. Sadly these buildings are diminishing over time. Heritage department has taken few buildings in their care but still, proper restoration is necessary and many other Havelis in Lahore must be taken seriously as cultural heritage

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