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7 Go-To Places For Sehri In Islamabad

by Ali Asad

With the starting of month of fasting, the quest for best sehri options begins. The first ashra of Ramazan is practically finished and the greater part of us have sunk into the fasting routine at this point. This implies that we would now be able to assemble the energy to begin looking for the mouth-watering sehri bargains being offered by for all intents and purposes each restaurant around the serene Margalla Hills.

From desi foods in the likes of naan paye, channey, lassi and anda paratha to continental cuisines to English, Arabic and Chinese food, there is something for everyone which Islamabad offers. This time, we curated some best sehri deals for you guys and your taste buds to go and try.

Monal Restaurant

Looking for a quiet sematic place with an amazing view to start your fast? Monal is the go-to place. A high end restaurant famous all over the world offers some of the best sehri deals. Monal offers a wide range of choices. From Pakistani to Continental, from Italian to Mediterranean sehri buffet.

sehri deals islamabad
Source: Monal resturant webpage

Monal offers Pakistani and Continental sehri buffet at a price range of Rs. 2095 PKR and Italian to Mediterranean buffet at a price of Rs. 2295 PKR. These prices of sehri buffet are exclusive of 16% GST.

Not in mood to travel up the Margalla Hills to have sehri? No problem, Monal got you covered in the city. Monal offers same variety of sehri at its downtown branch located in Rawalpindi also.

Marriott Hotel

Marriott is one of the most luxiorous hotel located in the heart of Islamabad. It is owned by Hashoo group and also offer a wide range of sehri deals. Marriott has multiple range of cuisines to offer. From Pakistani to Chinese, Thai, Japanese, American and Italian. Each variety of food is divided at different restaurants in the hotel.

sehri in marriot

Marriott has The Nadia Coffee Shop, Dynasty, The Royal Elephant, Sakura Japanese Restaurant, Jason’s Steak House, Terrace Café and Lobby Lounge as built in restaurant to accompany your sehri cravings. Marriott offers its sehri deals under rate of breakfast menu and it starts at 17.0 US Dollars.

Islamabad Serena Hotel

Located on Srinagar Highway and on the brisk of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Islamabad Serena Hotel has most convenient accessibility. It also holds a beautiful business complex in it. If you are looking to eat by sitting at pool side with whole complex enchanting reddish globe, then Serena is your destiny for next sehri outing.

sehri in serena

Islamabad Serena invites its guests to join the best of conventional Pakistani food with culinary ideas from the Middle East and societies all throughout the planet. Islamabad Serena Hotel also offers a wide and also particular scope of eateries from which to pick to satisfy your sehri needs.

It holds 6 restaurants in it and all of these restaurants over sehri buffet. From Rakaposhi to Zamana, Dawat, Baradari, Al Maghreb, and Wild Rice, you can choose anyone after negotiations with your cravings and mood. Islamabad Serena Hotel didn’t disclose its rates but you can know by giving them a call on toll free number.

Shakespeare’s Lounge

Shakespeare’s Lounge is another high end restaurant which lands straight in the heart of Islamabad at Union Gold Mall, in F 7 Markaz besides Margalla Hills. You will not be able to experience this type of eatery all over Pakistan. Unique in its interior, variety and taste of food make this restaurant a go to place if you want to give your taste buds new experience.

They offer a sehri platter which covers almost all of the need one crave for sehri. There special sehri platter is marked at a price range of Rs. 699 PKR. Adding excitement to the sehri for the families, the restaurant offers free sehri for kids under 5 years and a 50% discount on sehri platter for kids falling in age bracket of 6-10. There prices are also exclusive of taxes.


Pablo’s is undoubtedly giving the best proposals in sehri for Islamabadians. They are simply serving the sehri platter in Rs.395 PKR and Rs.375 PKR.

sehri in pablos
source: Dawn images

One is an English sehri platter that incorporates chicken/beef sausages, sautéed mushrooms, turkey bacon, cheddar omelet, grain bread, squeezed orange juice, yogurt, and mineral water for Rs.395. While the desi platter incorporates parathay, channay, qeema, omelete, yogurt, achar, lassi and water bottle, for Rs.375. Prices for both sehri platters are exclusive of taxes. These are the best offers and Pablo’s is situated Next to The Nutella Spot in F11 Markaz.

The Khiva Restaurant

The Khiva Restaurant is offering one of the best desi top picks like nihari, paaye, haleem, BBQ things and karahi alongside Chinese food, omelets and sweets for just Rs. 699 PKR.

Source: Dawn images

An additional attraction which makes Khiva stand out than other restaurants is its rooftop dining. You can enjoy the sun heading up from behind the mountains of Kashmir and giving you a power boost alongside desi sehri for the day. The price is also exclusive of tax.

Bar B.Q Tonight

Contrasted with different eateries on this rundown, Bar BQ Tonight may appear to be somewhat more reasonable than others at a price bracket of Rs. 905 PKR. Yet since this is comprehensive of assessment, it’s really offering practically a similar cost as all the others.

Sehri in islamabad
Source: Trip advisor

Besides, their 20-items of buffet menu legitimizes and justify the money you are going to spend on sehri. The sehri items have a collection of desi contributions as well as pastries, desserts and beverages that are an integral part of per head cost.

Though in these tough times of COVID-19 and third wave of UK variant effecting Pakistan, restaurants are still proving to be responsible and understand the need of citizens to satisfy your cravings for sehri in holy month of Ramadan. Choose a restaurant, wear a mask, follow SOP’s and go hit restaurant of your choice.

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