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Apple’s Latest iOS Release Indicates You If Any App Records Your Activity

by Muhammad Raza Rasheed

A few days ago, I was sitting with a few of my friends, and we were talking about random things. One of my friends is in the real estate business, so we casually started talking about investment prospects random stuff about real estate. There was nothing special about the conversation but still, what happened next blew my mind.

What happened was that we hung out for 2 or 3 hours more then everybody left. Like everybody else, I picked up my phone and started scrolling through different social media apps, and ads in feed left me speechless. For the next few days, every ad on my feed was about real estate. Somewhat I had already heard about similar things where people told stories where they talked about something, and related ads started appearing on their phones.  How cleverly we are being tracked, there is no sense of privacy anymore. Big companies like Facebook and Google track our every movement so much that they even record our random conversations.

Edward Snowden, an Ex-CIA agent copied and leaked CIA files; those files were about how conveniently the CIA can spy on every person on the planet. He pointed out that this is a direct invasion of everyone’s Privacy. After his leaks started a conversation about mass spying and privacy invasion in our daily lives. Smartphones are the easiest target for anyone who wants to invade your Privacy. Everybody has them; it’s almost impossible to imagine anyone without smartphones these days. Smartphone companies are now working towards a future where people’s Privacy stays private.

Apple recently launched IOS 14, which is the latest operating software for their products. To improve security and Privacy, they have introduced some new features. “Privacy is a fundamental human right and at the core of everything we do. That’s why with iOS 14, we’re giving you more control over the data you share and more transparency into how it’s used.” Apple said about its new features.

Recording Indicator is the latest feature that tells you if any app uses your microphone or camera without your permission. “An indicator appears at the top of your screen whenever an app uses your microphone or camera. Also, in Control Center, you can see if an app has used them recently.” Visit https://www.apple.com/ios/ios-14/ for more details.

It’s the right step towards protecting people’s Privacy, it might still not be the solution, but every step towards the goal is no less achievement.

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