Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Series 6: What’s new?

by Mahwish Moiz

Last year when Apple launched its Watch Series 5, users got disappointed. It was exactly the same as the Apple watch 4. The only difference was that Watch 5’s screen could continuously stay on. Other than this feature, from build to chip, everything was the same. And it couldn’t replace the popularity of Watch 4 since it was the best and most preferred Watch.

This year when the brand introduced Series 6, users see not very massive changes but the relevant ones. A new chip added this time and a health feature that was not available before on Apple. But since the annual watch changes are progressive – perhaps a proof of the advancement the Apple Watch has achieved from the 4th series market – this isn’t a major concern.

This is just an issue for reviewers and hardcore fans who upgrade every year. Most customers typically jump from Series 2, 3, or 4, or maybe they are a first-timer. More than sufficient to please them. After all, the Apple Watch Series 6 remains the best smartwatch on the market, but the gap is now closed.

The New Features Disclosed

Apple watch series

The new smartwatch in Apple Series, Watch 6, brings us every fitness-tracking feature you can ask for, reaffirming the role of Apple Watch as the most enjoyable, linked, and detailed experience in the smartwatch.

To be honest, these distinctions were also available in Apple Watch Series 5. For annual launches, you might contend the same way farther back in the history of Apple Watch. But with the inclusion of Series 6 to the already strong wellness base of sleep monitoring and measures of blood oxygen, at this stage, you couldn’t order anything more with a fitness tracker or a smartwatch. But eventually, Apple brought us some pleasant colors to stop our eyes from wandering.

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