American football and Rugby

Are American Football And Rugby The Same?

by Mahwish Moiz

Even though both games look similar, but they are not. American football is a game popular and played only in North America and Canada while Rugby is famous worldwide specially in South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, and other parts of Europe.

Both games are of intense physical aggression, but the rules are quite different from each other, making them unique and popular among the local regions. If you thought these are just different names for a single game, here are more details to clear your confusion.

Number of players

American football consists of 2 teams, having 11 players. This game enjoys unlimited substitutions. While Rugby has 15 players in both teams, up to 7 substitutions are allowed in it.

Objective of the game

To play American football, the players need to carry the ball across the touch line of your opponent and score points. They can also score by kicking the ball between the Field Goal that is the goal post.

In Rugby, players carry the ball and place it down in the opposite team’s touch line to score points or they can kick the ball in goal posts.

Time limit

There are four quarters in American Football. Every quarter has 15 minutes, and after the second quarter, there is a half-time intermission. The clock frequently stops between the games. Rugby time limit rules are tough. There are two halves of 40 minutes. Between them, there is half a time of 10 minutes. The game clock only stops for serious injuries.

Ball shape and size

Rugby ball on left, American football on right

American football ball is a prolate spheroid. It is about 28 cm in length (11 inches), and 56 cm in circumference at the center (22 inches). The weight is around 0.875lbs. The rugby ball is also a prolate spheroid with length is 27 cm, while the circumference is 60 cm, and it weighs 1lbs.

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