Mehwish Hayat and Dawood ibrahim

Where is Dawood Ibrahim? Let’s Plan A Visit.

by Ali Asad

Few names strike fear into the hearts of Indians quite like Dawood Ibrahim. From a slum in Mumbai, he built ‘D-Company’ into the biggest and most feared mafia. Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar was born in 1955 in Dongri, a poor chaotic corner of central Mumbai, heavily Muslim in a Hindu-dominated city. Today he still remains at large.

The Indian gangster turned-terrorist has been on the run for almost thirty years, and there’s been little New Delhi can do to reel him in. Dawood’s D Company is an enigma at large. Cops still hunt him, gossip follows his every move like a shadow and barflies murmur his name as if he stood next to them.


D Company henchmen still run Mumbai aka “Maximum City”. They pimp and shove, smuggle and glide. D-Company slip vast shipments of contraband into Mumbai, wring the stars of Bollywood, and fix cricket. He even backs militants in Kashmir and northern Nigeria.

The dread of Dawood Ibrahim is still in hearts of many even when he hasn’t lived in Mumbai since 1993 when 13 bombs he helped plant blew swathes of it to the ground, and killed 257 people. Then, he fled to Pakistan. According to many investigative sources, he’s still there. A man rose from the slums of Mumbai and became the star child of Pakistan. He has many strong connections in Pakistan as well. Let’s take a look at them.

Dawood Ibrahim’s properties in Pakistan

According to the dossier submitted to the UN by India, it listed eight addresses of Dawood, including six in Karachi. Pakistan has admitted only three out of these eight addresses. These are the White House in Clifton, House at 30th Street, Defence Housing Authority and a palatial bungalow in the hilly area of Noorabad in Karachi.

The dossier mentions a new address where Dawood has purchased an entire floor at Mehran Square in Clifton area. Another new house has been purchased in the Shireen Jinnah Colony, near the Ziauddin Hospital in Clifton. Dawood, who is not in the best of health usually, gets admitted in Ziauddin hospital. An uptown residence in Bhurbhan, close to Murree. Dawood has also bought two bungalows on posh Margalla road in Islamabad.

Dawood and Pakistan Foreign Ministry

With the help of Pakistan’s Foreign Affairs Ministry, Dawood Ibrahim has acquired the passport of Commonwealth of Dominica (CoD), under its Economic Citizen Program. This was revealed in the dossier prepared by Indian Intel agencies.

Dawood Ibrahim and Javed Miandad

In 2006, Dawood Ibrahim’s daughter, Mahrukh Ibrahim, married Junaid Miandad, the son of Pakistani cricketer Javed Miandad. Since Dawood’s daughter is married to the son of former Pakistani cricketer Javed Miandad, on behalf of Miandad, sometimes he also took up fights. That’s why Shahid Afridi was once asked by Dawood to stop talking against Miandad or else you know the fugitive gangster used to do in Mumbai.

Marukh Ibrahim at her valima reception with Juniad Miandad

All friends have to, at times; pay the price for their friendship. Miandad had to pay after India denied him a visa in 2013. Javed Miandad is not less a powerful figure in Pakistan. He is connected to the powerful industrial group of Faisalabad; Koh-e-Noor. Koh-e-Noor holds a number of commercial plazas and posh residential society in Faisalabad.

Dawood Ibrahim and Mehwish Hayat

Dawood is alleged to be in a deep relationship with actress and glamour sensation Mehwish Hayat. Mehwish is quite younger than Dawood and she is believed to be the same age of as her eldest daughter. Mehwish is said to be the biggest weakness of world’s second richest don. She’s also called as ‘Gangster Doll’ in inner circles due to her alleged relationship with Dawood Ibrahim.

Source: Mehwish Hayat’s Instagram

Dawood’s relationship with Mehwish first came to light in 2019 when the actress was awarded the ‘Tamgha-e-Imtiaz’, a big civilian honour in Pakistan. It is alleged that she was given this honor on the request of Dawood Ibrahim who was tagged as Karachi-based powerful person who is very close to ruling Pakistan-Tehreek-e-Insaf party.

Dawood Ibrahim is enjoying the cream of the crop. Is there anybody on Earth more elusive than Dawood Ibrahim? He allegedly lives among us but we bet you can’t see him.

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