Armenia Vs Azerbaijan war

The War Game; Azerbaijan VS Armenia.

by Hassan Tariq

“There is no God and if there was one, he died after 2nd world war” A misquoted but well quoted phrase isn’t?” It seems that upper mentioned phrase is making its self-relevant as we are no the edge of Third world war and the events around the globe giving perfect knock at the doors of war. As the whole eastern world is burning in the flames of new wars. Recent development was seen few days back as the tension between Azerbaijan and Armenia reached to next level at Nagorno- Karabakh war. Armed forces are standing firm and reports are mentioning the deaths of troops along the both side of border. Western media is giving hints of heavy bomb shelling from Armenia on Azerbaijan and vice versa.

Stop! Let’s turn some pages from history and do some close analysis on world wars history. It is obvious that since 1000s of years the wars were never fought between two countries only. There has always been various factors sucking in different countries in it and some willingly poke themselves in them.

So, is there any background players behind the curtains of these war and the answer is very obvious “YES”.

Let’s the dig it out one by one

Turkey is standing firm with Azerbaijan and even threatening Armenia for its war activities. Turkey is basically looking forward for gas pipe line from Azerbaijan and trying to reduce its dependency on Europe and Russia.

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Israel is giving back door help to Azerbaijan as it is among few Muslims countries which accepts Israel as a legit country. But recently there was heavy wordy clash between Israel and Turkey and their rivalry is very obvious but in this scenario they are on the same page

Pakistan foreign office has condemned Armenian action on Azerbaijan as Pakistan do not accept Armenia as legit country and the reason behind is obvious Turkish pressure just like Pakistan did not accept Israel on Arab call.

Iran is backing Armenia in this conflict and even Turkey has blamed them for weapon support. Iran and Azerbaijan has a conflict for land disputes. Azerbaijan claims of greater Azerbaijan but for now they are in Iranian occupation. So, reason is very obvious for Iranian support to Armenia. Don’t forget in recent times Iran and turkey are on very same page. Analyst are claiming of block consisting of Iran, Turkey, Malaysia and Pakistan against Arab supremacy but here they are against each other.

Russia is backing Armenia as major population of Armenia is Christian but on the very other side Russia and Turkey is on very good term. Even the whole military coup was ramped backed in Turkey just by favor of Russia to very exact Putin.

So, the picture is confusing as always. The war of economy, supremacy and blind weapon race has taken world to that level where we cannot avoid huge war now. I think the 1st bullet has been shot and now wars are even more irreversible.

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