Biden-Harris Inauguration Ceremony Highlights

A Foretaste of Biden-Harris Inauguration Ceremony

by Ali Asad

President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris took oath on Wednesday on the steps of the U.S. Legislative center; the Capitol Hill, where fourteen days prior a rough horde of his archetype’s allies endeavored to drive the country a notably unique way. A way that is very different and opposite to the constitution, multiculturalism, and acceptance of the U.S.

Recovery and redemption were the topics of the broadcast and live-streamed initiation of the 46th President of the United States; Joe Biden and the 49th Vice President; Kamala Harris. Their actual presence, alongside a lot more modest than a common horde of welcomed visitors, previous presidents and officials, mentioned that majority rule of government, common vote based system, and democracy had won in spite of the difficulties of the most recent four years, finishing in the Capitol revolt of Jan. 6th.

President Biden and Vice president Kamala Harris, Image source: The Quint

Gone were the noose that agitators raised in the structure’s shadow and the Confederate banner strutted through the country’s most consecrated lobbies. In their place was a re visitation of class, manners, protocols and convention. The watched trust that America will at last quit decimating itself.

Let’s take a quick look at the inauguration ceremony of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

The very threat of COVID-19 led this 59th installment of this great tradition of the world’s biggest democracy to be thruster down to just necessaries. On a nippy day with an intermittent whirlwind of snowflakes, numerous at last found the opportunity to breathe out, and to grieve the casualties of the pandemic, inside that general and relaxed calm.

Amanda Gorman’s “The Hill We Climb”

A 22-year-old black native of Los Angeles Amanda Gorman was the poet who encapsulated the changing of the guards, and the intelligent mind-set, with its words about versatility and opportunity. The essence of her point rotates around the nation who is not broken but simply unfinished and who weathered the storm.

Amanda Gormans at Inauguration Ceremony, Image source:

She recited “We, the replacements of a country and a period where a thin Black young lady slipped from slaves and raised by a single parent can fantasy about turning out to be president just to end up presenting for one.”

The trio of former presidents

Also, as a threesome of previous presidents from both parties remained, in solidarity, to observe the exchange of force, the view was dappled with bipartisan purple, the shade which was picked by Harris, previous Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and previous First Ladies Laura Bush and Michelle Obama, whose long coat and gold belt gave her the presence of a superhero and swept the arena with class.

Former Presidents of U.S. at Biden-Harris inauguration

Kamala Harris tribute to Shirley Chisholm

For Harris, it was likewise a recognition for Shirley Chisholm, the main Black official competitor from one of the two political parties. Like Chisholm when she turned as the Black lady chosen for Congress in 1968 and later dispatched a mission for the Democratic official selection.

Harris left a mark on the world Wednesday when she was confirmed as the first woman, first Black American and first individual of South Asian plummet to become Vice President.

Eugene Goodman: The Capitol Police officer

The gravity existing apart from everything else was underscored further by the presence of Eugene Goodman, the Capitol Police officers who unquestionably saved the existences of authorities — and took a chance with his own by driving agitators, among them racial oppressors, away from the Senate chamber during the Jan. 6 riots. Goodman, who is Black, accompanied Harris to her seat where the main Latina Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor, took Harris the vow of office.

Eugene Goodman at Inauguration Ceremony, Image Source: The Guardian

Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez

Lady Gaga sang the national anthem in a surging red skirt and blonde Greta interlaces. Jennifer Lopez, wearing the fresh, clean white of a new beginning, belted out a mixture of “This Land Is Your Land” and “America the Beautiful,” loaded with a message in Spanish and the inclination to “Get loud”.

Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez performing At Inaguration Ceremony, Image Source: The Independent

The absence of former President Trump

And afterward, there was the glaring nonappearance of previous President Trump, who fled the capital for Mar-a-Lago as opposed to conceding he’d lost the political decision and his grip on the White House. All things being equal, it was left to previous Vice President Mike Pence to appear in a showing of fundamental conventionality and decency.

President Joe Biden address

Biden beseeched during his debut address with “Let’s start afresh, all of us” he also vowed to defeat and overthrow the political extremism, white supremacy, and domestic terrorism.

Biden while targeting former President Trump said that “Governmental issues don’t need to be a furious fire, decimating everything in its way. Each contradiction shouldn’t be an absolute war.” Such minutes added to the piercing idea of the inauguration, which spoke to both chronicled change and a likely re-visitation of ordinariness, finding some kind of harmony between turning the page, managing the present difficulties, and retribution with the past.

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