Augmenting The Kashmir Debate

by Ali Asad

Mora than a year has passed since the nullification of the Article 370 was ordered by the BJP’s government. PM Narendra Modi had claimed it in the best interest of Kashmir and the Kashmiri people. With its abrogation, the semi-autonomous constitutional rights of Jammu and Kashmir had come under direct rule of the Indian government. Modi had invited certain industries to open up in Kashmir in order to depict a constructive image of his move.

Pakistan honors the thousands of Kashmiris that have died in the Indian Administered Kashmir on 27th October every year calling it as their Black Day. This day directly coincided with history when the Instrument of Accession was signed and Jammu and Kashmir were handed over to India officially. To add salt to Pakistan’s bleeding wounds on Kashmir, the Indian government has ordered a notification just today for new land laws in J&K.

PM Modi has allowed the Indian citizens to buy land in J&K. The ruling government has removed the condition of having to be a permanent resident of the state in order to buy land from the region. However this will not apply to the agricultural lands in J&K.

For decades and specifically from the last year, India has been carrying out extortions on the people of J&K claiming the region as theirs. On the other hand, Pakistan has constantly spoke up against India being the brutal murderer for the Kashmiris. It has always criticized India’s forceful ruling on the people of Kashmir. PM Imran Khan has been quite vocal about his viewpoint on Kashmir. He strictly condemned India in two sessions of United Nations Security Council that have taken place since last year.

If truth be kept out on the plate, India’s not that much of a barbaric state and Pakistan’s also not all blameless. India can be rightly blamed for imposing forceful accession on J&K and depriving the people of their right to self-determination. It surely has been extremely brutal to the innocent Kashmiris. Thousands have laid their lives out to Indian military in order to have a free state of their own.

Pakistan, however, is not so squeaky clean itself. Pakistan recently announced elections for the disputed region of Gilgit Baltistan and their amalgamation as the fifth province of Pakistan. This decision was made without taking into consideration the will of Gilgit Baltistan’s public. Their freedom of expression and will to decide for themselves has been completely stripped off by Pakistan. So where does that leave Pakistan in its so-called empathy and resolution to self-determination for the people of Kashmir?

India, on the other hand, has taken a step further in INDIANIZING the J&K region by passing the new land laws. With the full freedom to Indian for buying lands in Kashmir, it will further derail their will to live freely as Kashmiris. It would make the region more and more Indian.

There are certain myths that revolve around the Kashmir dispute. India thinks Kashmir is some kind of an heirloom for her. Pakistan is of the view that Kashmir belongs to them because it is a Muslim majority area. The people of both sides curse each other based on the myths that have been fed to them. But in the end, who is suffering the most? None other than the poor Kashmiris.

NB: These are the author’s own views.

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Ayesha Sohail October 29, 2020 - 7:43 pm

The last sentence hit me hard! I wish the higher officials can feel this also in spite of doing politics on such a sensitive issue!


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