What causes death of love and marriage, exploitation or superficiality?

What Causes The Death Of Love And Marriage; Exploitation Or Superficiality?

by Ayesha Sohail

Exploitation is a part of the moral and social philosophy of life. Human life experiences like falling in love, getting married, and procreating are also exploiting because they reach the verge of extinction. On the one hand, the superficiality of social interaction leaves us unsatisfied as we always want something more profound. While on the other hand, the present-day advancing technology interferes with our space of interaction and takes it to a non-recognition level.

Superficial Exploitation:

There are different kinds of relationships in our lives: friendships, marital, parental, or extra-marital relationships. But don’t you think life is not constant and people cannot get full of a relationship? They always dig deeper to satisfy themselves. Some marry based on love, and some suffer from loveless marriages. Some commit to marrying only for the love of babies, while others commit to sexual pleasures. The same goes for procreation to help breed their families while many are under peer or familial pressure.

Above all, some people are seen as an anomaly, rebellious from social norms. For instance, they don’t want to be in love, don’t want to marry, and certainly don’t want kids. They are not different because most people want to be an anomaly at some point in their lives. They want love, marriage, and procreation as stepping stones to a rapidly evolving future because life will not stop until death takes them undercover. Of course, this worldview will dismiss as the fantasies of a child with the ever-changing seasons of life.

You might laugh at my words, but soon you realize that it is not something to laugh at because humans are adopting a lifestyle increasingly similar to the above stated. In the years to come, love will be a far weaker force than it is today. If it happens at all, marriage will happen later in life and expire after a predetermined period. Children will come to mean something completely different from what they do now. All because of the superficiality of human interaction which ultimately causes dissatisfaction.

 Technological Exploitation: 

The second aspect of exploitation of human relationships goes with the present-day technological advancements. The new technology threatens to strip away essential elements of how people relate and connect personally and socially. Women’s empowerment, birth control processes, abortion, and online dating have wholly shaken the relationships’ traditional roots.

The ways people use technology create problems between romantic partners, stirring conflict and dissatisfaction in the relationship. Sexting—sending someone text messages containing explicit sexual content—has increased among adults disrupting the intimacy of actual “Love and “Marriage.”

Moreover, the upcoming technologies are set to disrupt anyone’s wildest imaginations. Things like the lifespan increase, the creation of artificial sperm and egg, and ectogenesis (pregnancy outside the female body) will exploit human relationships’ real essence.

One can ask, would people be confident enough to proclaim someone as the “love of their life” and take the marital plunge after the cut-off age for women’s fertility? Can people imagine living their entire life with one person for 120+ years? One can argue, will men and women continue to love and marry as long as women carry babies in their womb? Will people use condoms and birth control pills to fulfill their sexual desires without tying a marital knot? Will people able to love as a way of showing intimacy?

Hence, it is high time to consider the superficiality in human relationships, to view its causes. Begin by being more accepting of those whose choices differ from the current norms. Once you have kids, be ready to plead with them to marry until they make you cry, and consider yourself lucky if your grandkids marry at all. And just in case you live to see your great-grandkids, don’t despair if they look nothing like you. Once we learn this, our vision of love, marriage, and procreation will change. This trinity will come to life again, and we may no longer be treated as anomaly!

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