Death of Creativity and Literature

Why Are We Seeing The Death Of Literature And Creativity In Our So Called Cultural Society

by Hassan Tariq

History has its dark and intense roots in society’s heart, but the cultural evolution buries these roots so deep that even the glimpse of that naked beauty is blurred. It buries not only the cultural norms but also prudent men and women. Our historical background goes back to 5000 years ago, and our culture, which is precisely the Indus culture, has evolved gradually. This deep and dense culture has produced such literature and fiction personalities that their replacement is still a question. We can name hundreds of personalities that have contributed to making our soil enrich, but we are not here to dig out their biographies rather find why we are missing such great personalities.

Let’s explore the reasons for the literary death in our society:

1. Lack of Concentration

One of the main reasons in today’s world is the lack of concentration. Social media has deeply affected us that we cannot pay attention even for a few minutes. Applications like TikTok and Instagram give us an immense choice to see things. If we unlike anything, we can move on by scrolling it within a fraction of time. Similarly, in the real world, we ignore think deeply and analyze things. We pass by or change our focus if we unlike something at 1st sight.

2. Lack of Imagination

When we fantasize about things, we cannot go towards creativity and innovation. So right now, our fictional side is declining day by day because we lack imagination. Our writers and directors are recreating old stuff rather than making a new creation.

3. Unorthodox Conspiracy

The foreign funding in science for the last 25 years has a huge budget, but in social subjects, the funding and contribution are very little. Why is that so? The western world knows that political figures and not scientists lead countries. They do not want us to flourish in this field to rule us easily. We are masters of Science, but the nation doesn’t realize its importance.

4. Social discouragement

One of the main factors is social pressure. People who want to opt for Arts are not encouraged. Our university merits are its bold example. So, our society and educational institutes are not responsible for making great artists; that’s why our social literature is not developing.

5. Decline of local Language

Another main reason for the vacuum of art and literature is, we have looked down upon our local languages. One must remember that his dreams and thoughts, especially in his own language, are actually the creative empire’s bricks. So, if he pays attention to learning a foreign language, his mind will be deprived of wild and real thoughts sooner or later, and gradually the society will suffer from a paucity of great minds.

It’s the hour’s need to ponder the facts about why there is no Bano Qudsia next door. We cannot see Nasir Kazmi, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, or Dr. Nazir Ahmed in the cigarette smoke in Pak tea house. Why are we not creating great films? Why our dramas, films, and poetry are commercialized?

Thus, we should know that social philosophers run nations. We have to put our effort into finding the lost literature and fiction personalities, not to need to borrow them from the west to run our country.

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