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Morning show host is Facing Massive Criticism For Inviting Rape-Murdered Victim’s Parents on Her Show

by Mahwish Moiz

Looks like the time of Nida Yasir’s morning show has come to an end. Nida Yasir has been receiving extreme dislikes on her show due to multiple reasons for a few years. Audiences have witnessed her making blunders and adopting cheap strategies to increase the TRP. But this time, she went overboard with her insensitivity towards the parents of a rape victim child.

As this host of the ARY morning show is famous for inviting the related persons of current social affairs, she invited Marwah’s parents this time.

Don’t forget Marwah was that unfortunate 5 year old girl who was abused and murdered brutally in Karachi. Upon inviting, she asked some unethical questions to the deceased’s parents, which broke their heart once again. It is painful to suffer the death of a young child. But Nida Yasir being insensitive went straight and asked the parents to recall the incident. After that, Marwah’s mother couldn’t hold back her tears, and maybe that was exactly the host wanted for rating.

People are aggressively reacting to her act, calling her illiterate and a woman who is just hungry for TRP and does not care about others’ feelings. With this incident, we see twitter filled with a new trending hashtag, “Ban Nida Yasir.” Most of the people is demanding a ban on Good Morning Pakistan, while some are suggesting to replace the host.

As people were swearing and mocking Nida publicly, Waqar Zaka came up with a more sensible solution. According to him, rather than bashing her and creating memes, if the public really wants her show to get banned, they should file a complaint to PEMRA, PTA, or Salman Iqbal.

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