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K2 Summit 2021: Ali Sadpara and Two Other Climbers are Still Missing

by Ayesha Sohail

Climbing to the top of the mountain and enjoying nature to its best is a next-level passion for a mountaineer. Risks, dangers, storms, falls, contact loss followed by death zones, everything, are a part of this passion that makes them forget just how deadly a mountain can be. But for any other person, the mind shuts down along with the body after hearing these words. That’s the case when people came to know about renowned Pakistani mountaineer Muhammad Ali Sadpara reportedly lost contact with base camp on Friday.

Yes, a trio of Muhammad Ali Sadpara from Pakistan, John Snorri from Iceland, and Juan Pablo Mohr from Chile gone missing attempting to summit the world’s second-highest mountain, K2, as said by Chhang Dawa Sherpa, their expedition manager. It all started when a team of Nepali climbers became the first to summit K2 in winter and made history. It pushed Sadpara towards a second expedition a month after his first attempt. A video of the Nepali team summiting the K2 was shared by Sherpa.

Mountaineers set off on the second expedition
Finally, Ali Sadpara, his son Sajid Ali along with Mohr and Snorri set off on their journey after Sadpara’s birthday on Wednesday, asking for their admirer’s prayers. They had set out with clear weather and good hopes and started their attempt for the final summit in the early hours of Friday, hoping to accomplish it.

When they finally made it to camp 3, Ali’s son, Sajid has a malfunction in his oxygen regulator. It made him travel back to camp 2 while the remaining three tried the impossible.

Soon, the Garmin GPS ran out of battery, and the team lost connection. The Basecamp team communicating with Ali didn’t want to bother them and waited until they contact back. They were supposed to summit K2, and already be at Camp 3 by now. But they had not communicated with the team at Basecamp, and are still missing.

The Army Flight operation:
An army helicopter has conducted a search flight for the missing climbers. Pak Army Helicopters made multiple passes at K2 in extremely challenging weather as high as 7000 meters, but unfortunately, so far have not spotted anyone.

Moreover, Assistant Commissioner, Shigar tweeted:

Later, he tweeted that the altitude porters reached the K2 Base Camp with Sadpara’s son Sajid, after waiting for the climbers for over 20 hours at camp 2.

Bulgarian Mountaineer Fallen to death
The news of the missing came when reports came of a Bulgarian mountaineer, Atanas Skatov falling to his death during the same K2 expedition. He was the second person dying on the K2 in weeks. The 42 years old Atanas fell as he was changing ropes during his descent to basecamp. The body was later recovered by a Pakistani military helicopter to the nearby city of Skardu.

Prayers for Sadpara and the team:
People are praying for the safe arrival of Ali Sadpara, Snorri, and Mohr hoping that he is still somewhere up there, fighting in the savage mountain and that he will come out of the blue with a surprise victory. While praying, they are also appreciating Sajid for making his way back to the base camp in the fiery of K2 in these winters and the courage it may take for someone in an age like his, while he knew his father is already missing.
Unlike Mount Everest, summited by climbers many times, the grueling nature of K2, where winds can blow at more than 200 kilometers per hour, and temperatures can drop to minus 60 degrees Celsius gives punishing conditions to the mountaineers. But as said, nothing can beat the passion desire, so we can just pray and hope for the best!

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