Joe Biden Wins The Presidency

Joe Biden Wins The Presidency: Will He Be Able To Settle The Diplomatic Dust In South Asia?

by Ali Asad

After an exhausting and undoubtedly the longest vote count in the history of the United States of America, Joe Biden has finally shaken hands with victory in the presidential elections 2020. He conquered over his Republican counterpart and former president Donald Trump, taking away the most important swing states from him. So now that he will be USA’s leader for the next four years, people cannot help but wonder what he will be bringing to his plate of policies.

As far as tackling Corona virus is concerned, Joe Biden’s policy is to provide free testing for all, calling upon federal agencies to deploy resources and will be focusing on providing better national guidance on the pandemic.

Joe Biden has given economic policies to support young people and blue collar workers. He endorses the idea of increasing minimum wages. He also supports the idea of spending resources on social security, student loans, and the green energy program. So his economic plan for the next four years is basically to support the working class of America.

Joe Biden has been very keen on the climate change issue and has regarded it as an existential threat. He will be working on a $1.7 trillion federal investment in green technologies research to be spent over the next 10 years in America.

When it comes to the healthcare sector, Joe Biden will obviously be bringing back and expanding the Obama Care and he will bring back the parts which have been repealed by Trump. Furthermore, Biden has proposed building down the walls and letting in immigrants from all around the world to pursue their dream of living in USA.

The policies towards South Asia under the Biden administration are expected to not be massively different than those of the Trump administration. Just a week before the 2020 elections, Trump administration took a step ahead to build up strategic relations with South Asia with Mike Pompeo’s multi country visit. This is expected to be followed up with Biden administration.

The importance of India in the region will remain paramount even under Biden’s administration. Even though Biden has repeatedly endorsed getting back on track with China, the growing Chinese influence will be a threat to USA’s hegemony on which Biden will also not compromise. So Biden will also focus on strengthening the Indo-US relationship if it does not want to diminish in the face of Chinese progress.

In Afghanistan, the Trump administration’s peace process which was initiated in Qatar with Afghan Taliban will most likely be continued under Joe Biden’s presidency. A peace deal between the Taliban and the Kabul government will afford a US a somewhat graceful exit from Afghanistan after a futile and costly war spanning over decades. 

Joe Biden will bring normalcy towards US-Pak relations which had been disrupted badly under the Trump administration. He has a vast foreign policy experience and will be playing fair in the development of relations with Pakistan. His approach and policies towards the Kashmir issue will be of substantial importance. Having Kamala Harris as his VP, who is of Indian descent, will bring mature understanding towards the region and hence the Biden administration will have a very conciliatory role towards the Kashmir conflict in South Asia.

Despite the sturdy claims made by Trump about his rising popularity, Joe Biden has defied him and took the American throne as the eldest president in US history. He is considered to be a very calm and prudent fellow who will likely step up the game of world peace and will surely Make America Great Again.

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