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Another Muslim App ‘Salaat’ Has Sold Location Data To US Military

by Mahnoor Saleem

 One day you get up and see how people are selling and promoting their business in the name of religion. Is it really true that we can trust religious applications but what to do if we see such frauds? What forces these companies to betray innocent people? To be very honest, in this contemporary era no one is trustworthy. Everyone is living to fulfil their own purpose; they don’t even realize what harm they are giving to users and people in general. 

Recently an Islamic app, which reminds people when to pray, is sharing users’ information and sending it to the US military. Basically , users’ locations have been tracked and shared via motherboard. Do you think they are Muslims? I don’t think so because they are US agents who want to build propaganda against Muslims. In reality, we can say it is a kind of cold war but how can we educate Muslims about the US military’s propaganda and about this application? This is the first case which has been highlighted by Pakistani English language newspaper ‘Express Tribune’ but more chances are there through which Muslims are being betrayed. 

The application’s name is Salat first, which has been downloaded by 88 billion people and see how a tremendous amount of locations have been leaked or exchanged with the US military. Among these apps are some Quranic and Muslim prayers. People should really be careful about downloading these Islamic apps as it compromise their data.

Do we really need those Islamic apps?

We have started depending on our mobiles and apps so much that no one is even bothered to remember things like old times. Is it really necessary to remind yourself to pray five times a day? What kind of true believer do you think you are? Do you really need a reminder for prayers? That is not acceptable, we have to do something for ourselves and for Muslims. Don’t depend on these apps and try to avoid as much as you can. America is targeting us in many ways but we are condemning them and are not standing firm in front of their false actions. I can understand, everyone is not aware of this fraud. But those who are literate have to stand for their religion and to make them aware about these apps and it’s original purpose. 

Wake up and see what is happening around you. Never  think these people are loyal and are true believers. Maybe you have a different perspective and a soft corner for those who are providing these apps for our ease but what if these apps are built for their own benefit? Do not be so lazy that people will betray you in the name of your religion. We , as a nation, should stand up for ourselves because no one will come as a well wisher to protect us and save us from these cruel people.  

A Muslim App with 98M Users Has Allegedly Sold Location Data To Us Military.

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