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Another Day Another Child Rape; Whom To Ask For Justice?

by Mahnoor Saleem

It is quite depressing yet embarrassing when violence towards women has been continuously criticized and highlighted in this country. Women and girls both have become victims of this cruel society.  The motorway incident is a fresh case of gang rape yet another one has indulged fear in women including young girls. 

Lately, a 14 years old girl, Bushra Rajpar was gangraped on her way back home from school. 

Bushra’s father informed the media how he got to know about his missing child. When he was told that Bushra did not reach home, he began his quest to find Bushra but she got missing for a day. The next morning he received a call from the Police station from where he got to know that his daughter was found on the road. The father immediately reached the Police station and took her daughter to hospital from where he was told that Bushra was gang raped. This man has already registered an FIR, according to him Bushra says that she can recognize those men and they want justice for this cruel act. The underlying reason behind the registration of the FIR is to prevent other girls from being raped. The family’s appeal from government and law enforcement agencies is to do something serious for the protection of women in society. 

Consequently, people are shocked and overpowered with fear. Their sympathies are with this young Bushra, 14 years old, who was brutally raped by criminals.

Another day another Zainab: Justice for Bushra 

On twitter, a public hanging dispute has been evident, people are again seeking capital punishment from the government. Why do we see such stories on a daily basis now? Why doesn’t the government finalize any permanent punishment for the rapist?

Demonstrators are out to seek justice for Bushra: 

Students from numerous countries held a street rally to demand justice for Bushra. 

Inability of state affairs to handle such horrific incidents:

People from all over the country are lamenting and criticizing the inability of government. It is really sad that women of this country are not safe rather they have become victims of rapists.  

It is clearly evident that mankind has died after successive violent events, but the penetration of oppression and brutality has infected this harsh society. This country was built on the basis of certain basic values, including justice and security of equal rights, but this notion fades from the country with every passing day. The government does not play an integral role in the provision of justice, which has contributed to the destruction of women’s rights in society.

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