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Aijaz Aslam Launched His Skincare Collection, Says:“I Want To Encourage People To Consume Good Quality Local Products”

by Ozair Majeed

Some of our favorite stars are even more talented than we might realize. In addition to honing the craft that made them famous, some stars have managed to come up with brands that produce high-end products. One such name is Aijaz Aslam who recently launched his skincare range known as ‘Aijaz Aslam Natural & Herbal Skincare Range’. Starting from face cream to face serum and hair mist, there are around 9 products in his skincare line.

Opening up about the concept of his range, the actor spoke exclusively with Chabi Taala and said; “I have always been inclined towards eating healthy and using natural products. People look up to me and inquire about the secret behind my fitness. The big idea behind ‘Aijaz Aslam Natural & Herbal Skincare Range’ is to encourage and motivate people to consume good quality local products, and most importantly feel proud about it.” 

Skin Care collections

Decoding the skincare range, he said: “I have started with an effective skin and hair herbal product range. Some of the products are specifically unique for instance the face and hair mist. Available in spray form, it has the best extracts to keep your skin and hair healthier. The range also comprises products having gold extract and silver flakes. They are anti-aging; rejuvenate your skin from inside if used regularly.”

Aijaz Aslam Skin Care collections
Source: Aijaz Aslam’s Instagram

He further added: “The products are unisex; the beard cream has an amazing texture and fragrance to keep your beard healthy. It keeps the underneath skin strong, nourishes, and helps in the growth process as well. The combination of essential oils and herbal extracts is very effective.”

An optimistic Aijaz believes: “If a product is good people will recommend it to others, that is what makes a brand grow successfully. I have worked hard; it took me a year to develop these products that are natural, effective, and harmless. In terms of manufacturing my products, I will associate with brands that have a reputation for producing good quality products.”

Aijaz Aslam Skin Care salon
Source: Aijaz Aslam’s Instagram

Revealing exciting developments at, he said: “My online website will offer many other things in future ranging from clothing, accessories and food supplements. I will keep on updating the product range in every quarter of the year; products with which people can relate with me.” 

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