What it’s Like Being the Middle Child in a “Desi Family”

by Daniyal

Compared to other children, a middle child has its own struggles to face just because of being the middle one. And it got so intense that it is now causing to give birth to a syndrome called Middle Child Syndrome. Yes! Even if you are not a middle kid in the house, you will agree that your middle sibling suffers the following.

1. Less attention

When there are more than 2 children in the family, parents’ attention is usually focused on the oldest and younger ones. That results in a lack of care for them. They don’t receive the love they deserved and need from parents. Unlike other children, they have to struggle from a very young age to get noticed and praised.


2. Feel left out


Not only at home but on occasions and gatherings, they feel left out. And according to research on the Middle Child Syndrom, they have fewer photos than other siblings.

3. Feel undervalued


Middle children sometimes feel overlooked, like they are the most useless person in the house and have no value.

4. Sharing everything


Most of the time, they are sharing their things even if they are not willing to. Sometimes they have to because it is the older sibling and can’t say no. And sometimes they have to because it is the younger sibling and can’t say no to them either.

Being a middle child, you enjoy some perks as well, such as:

5. You get the best of both


Your personality is more filtered. You naturally get the best traits of both older and younger siblings. You know how it is to be the older and the younger at the same time, and it brings you benefits.

6. You are stronger than you appear


Struggling makes you stronger, and you are more self-dependant.

7. You are not parents’ practical lab


Unlike the older one, your parents don’t being you their experiments on you.

8. You have fewer responsibilities


You enjoy fewer responsibilities. Because it is the first child from whom parents are expecting in the first place and after that, they are worried about the mischievous activities of the spoiled young one.

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