Taka Tak tawa qeema

This Gora Just Loved Lahori Street Food (Taka Tak), Calls it “The Pakistani Testicles Scramble.”

by Ayesha Sohail

Pakistani Scrambled Testicles or Taka Tak Kapooray served with thin Rotis during a cold winter night on Lahore Food Street is a next-level experience you can have. Wait! Do you know what Kapooray are? Obviously, I am not talking about any Bollywood movie caste from the Kapoor industry. So, yeah, one of the popular street food—Testicles of Goat or Cow.

Source: Maaz Jobrani’s youtube video screenshot
NB: Picture is for illustration purpose only :p

It is astonishing to know that every organ and body part of the animals is utilized be it, Kapooray, Zabaan, Siri, Paaye, Dasti, or Bong! Thus, desi street cuisines are awesome for soaking up the traditional atmosphere of Lahore. But have you ever seen a Gora gone crazy after eating a portion of street food?

Source: Food ranger’s video screenshot

Recently, a video went viral of a Gora, also known as Food Ranger guy, who tried the Pakistani Testicle Scramble on the Lahore Food Street. He was so excited to eat those testicles that he was continuously mentioning, “oh yeah, give me that big one, nice and plump testicle,” right from the start.

The Taka Tak dish also contains other parts of the goat such as kidneys, heart, and liver, but in this video, the real stars were nice big, plump testicles. The vlogger asked the chef to make a Taka Tak of 5 big testicles. I must say, this guy’s stomach must be lined with Gaviscon and crazy-ass probiotics. Moreover, when the chef started to make Taka Tak, the beat produced while chopping gave a melody to the Food Ranger guy and I think (Sirf Aik dance hi baqi rah gya tha.)

However, the chef added all the spices, ginger, and tomato paste to give it an excellent taste, garnished with fresh coriander and butter at the end. But after all this, still, I can only convince my white friends to experience if they have no idea what they’re eating. I’m sure it would be different and maybe taste delicious, but I can’t get over the fact that he was eating balls. (It is like you ask for spicy nuts in a bar, and they come out with this.)

As soon as the Food Ranger guy posted this video on his channel, he was amid the flood of 2.5K comments. People are making fun that after eating this, the guy would stand in front of the mirror and say, “Wooww,” some even said that Takatak Kapooray warms you up in the winter and induces…uh…the heat of passion while some said, you really have the “balls” to try it.

The dish was a bit spicy for the Food Ranger guy but seemed ultimately delicious. It may sound disgusting for some, but their soft mesh texture melts in the mouth for some. So, if you have tasted Scrambled Testicles, let us know in the comment section about it, and if you haven’t tried yet, then give it a try with some extra spices because Zindagi ka maza tou teekhay main hi hai!

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