Osita Iheme

The Journey of a Nigerian Movie-star to the King of Memes—Osita Iheme

by Ayesha Sohail

You might have seen this kid on your daily Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook memes. Ever thought who he is? He is Osita Iheme, the man behind your meme obsession. Osita Iheme is a Nigerian actor born on February 20, 1982. He is known for his role as Pawpaw in the film Aki Na Ukwa starred together with Chinedu Ikedieze in 2003. His rare condition gives him a child-like appearance. He was a popular actor in Africa back then, but when Fenty Beauty tweeted a meme of him, the tweet was gone viral, retweeted and reposted millions of times, and Iheme was gone global.

Iheme is also making rounds on Pakistani social media because no one can beat Pakistanis for their humor. Many Pakistani memers feature Iheme in almost every other meme. The following are some Osita memes which you are going to relate to and love.  Most of them revolves around the teachers, students, crush, and best friends.

Me calculating how much everyone owes me for wasting my time

Me when I’m asking my classmate for an answer to a question in the exam hall and my invigilator spots me

Me and my squad at our BFF’s wedding

Crush: Tum hansty hue boht cute lagty ho, Me all day:

Backbenchers saving teacher’s life from drowning

Flirting with crush whole day, and she says, good night, bro

Apart from the memes on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Osita is also famous on YouTube. You can find small funny clips from Osita’s comedy films. Many YouTubers have uploaded a compilation of these clips with witty and relatable background songs, which adds to its comedy. 

Some YouTube funny clip

Food and women are the only things that make us happy

There are some other life aspects that may grab your attention. Despite a comedian, in the year 2000, Iheme found ‘Inspired Movement Africa’ to motivate and stimulate young Nigerians and Africans’ minds. In the year 2007, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award at African Movie Academy Awards. He did comedy, and as time passed, he started taking mature and dramatic roles. His recent release includes Mirror Boy (2011), Double Mama (2015), The Self-Destruction of Little Mark (2017).

No doubt, Osita has millions of fans and hundreds of fan pages at different social media sites. No one can beat his appearance in the memes. There were rumors that Osita is getting married to a Ghanian actress. Still, neither have they confirmed their relationship nor any public confirmation of their marriage ceremony, so he is single yet. 

Source: oneworldnews.com

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