Mera Nahi Hai by The All-Girl Band

The All-Girl Band Is Ready to Hail the Music Industry after Benjamin Sisters

by Ayesha Sohail

Pakistan’s female musicians are an iconic, fresh, and different take on the music industry. From Noor Jahan to Zoe Viccaji, soul-stirring Benjamin Sisters to melodious Qurat-ul-Ain Baloch, we always enjoyed innovative spellbinding music. Whether pop or soulful blues, these girls lead the charge in every genre. To expand this musical spell, here came the ‘The All-Girl Band‘ who have shot through fame in no time.

The All Girl Band, Image source: Bands’ Instagram

The All-Girl Band, aka, TAG is a Pakistani all-female music group consisting of first female drummer Mishal Faheem, first tabla player Sumera Waris, Anna Salman on lead vocals and guitars, and Amal Nadeem on the violin. Currently, the girls have taken over the internet because of their newest track ‘Mera Nahi Hai,’ which scored them an interview on Geo News’s morning show, “Geo Pakistan.” Their official music video consists of a breathtaking shots featuring the girls and citizens from all walks of life. Have a look:

The girls at their tender ages discovered their passion and turned it into an admirable profession. They first gained fame when featured alongside other female musicians in the fourth season of Nescafe Basement where they covered John Newman’s song ‘Love Me Again.’ They got upon immense appreciation from the audience, as well John Newman himself.

Moreover, in Nescafe season 5, Anna Salman and Amal Nadeem appeared in the title track of the season ‘Jaagna toh Parega’. Amal Nadeem also played the violin and provided backing vocals to the cover of “Mehbooba” by Haroon Rashid.

TAG has performed in many different places in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. They have also conducted sessions on the topics of breaking gender roles in LUMS and UCP Lahore. But their covers and mash-ups like ‘Love Me Again’ and ‘Are You with Me’ by the Belgian DJ Lost Frequencies made them even more admirable.

Thus, these girls from different backgrounds and institutions have claimed their space in the industry, slowly and gradually. They made the rich Pakistani rhythm to rise from the empowered female-fronted songs. The band will be performing in Hyderabad in a few days with the Romanian dance-pop ‘Akcent’ for the first time.

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