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Siblings: Can’t Live With Them, Can’t Live Without Them

by Daniyal

If someone is the best friend yet the worst enemy at the same time, it will be your siblings. We couldn’t anymore agree with the fact that our brothers and sisters in the family are those people with whom we have this extreme love-hate relationship. Speaking of this intense relationship, here are some fun facts we all can relate to.

1. 24/7 teasing game continues


You love to tease and troll each other and never let go of any chance to mock them.

2. Stealing each other’s possession


Your stuff is my stuff. You don’t care to seek permission before snacking up on your siblings’ chocolate and wearing their favourite/new clothes.

3. Fighting over literally everything and every day

siblings fight

You don’t need a reason to fight your siblings. Just stare at them for a couple of minutes, and here you go, everyone witnessing World War 3.

4. Putting your blame on their head


Your sibling is the bin for your evil doings. You broke a plate from your mom’s precious dinner set and worried about getting scold. So you put all the blame on your brother/sister.

5. Making deals on blackmail

siblings deal

You use each other’s weak points and secrets to blackmail and make deals which otherwise you never agree to do. Using their weaknesses, you take advantage of them and never feel guilty about it.

6. Being protective of each other

Relationship with siblings

Despite all the jealousy, fights, and blackmailing, you do care about them. Even though we mock them all the time but when someone else is doing that, we don’t let it happen.

7. Keep each other’s secrets

Siblings secrets

Siblings are our best secret keepers, but sometimes it depends on how much of a good secret keeper you are.

8. Siblings are always there to help each other

Siblings support

We can’t deny the fact that in times of need, our siblings come to help us and support the situation.

9. Siblings are always be the biggest support system

Siblings support

Sometimes, when our parents are opposing something, our siblings support us and stand with our stance.

10. Siblings share everything even though promise not to

Siblings Share everything

Your siblings are your gossip pals, you can’t have peace until you tell them every detail of your day.

Share with us your funniest moments with your siblings.

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