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Pyar Wali Problems: Sohail Javed’s Exclusive Interview About His Upcoming Short Film- Here Is What He Has to Say

by Ozair Majeed

What should we expect when a good director and a bunch of good actors team up for a project? It would be Magical! We have been super excited to witness the magic ever since director Sohail Javed teased us with the first look of 7 Short Films titled Pyar Wali Problems. It got us intrigued and we at Chabi Taala caught up with Sohail for more details, his idea behind making short films, his memories of shooting, his experience of working with Sadia Jabbar productions and much more.

Check out the trailer of Pyar Wali Problems here, before you read our conversation with Sohail Javed:

Trailer: Pyar Wali Problems Short Film

Excerpts from our conversation:

Chabi Taala (CT): What was the inspiration behind narrating simple love stories?

Sohail Javed : Life is simple if we keep it simple that was the inspiration; I like telling simple stories; I feel due to all the drama around us, somehow we have forgotten how to listen, watch and tell simple stories. The idea was just to writing stories, that’s about it. I am constantly writing when I am not shooting any project, especially during the pandemic I got ample time for it. I have written a lot of stuff, but we choose seven stories and developed our labor for love titled ‘Pyar Wali Problems’.

CT: You’ve shot this during the pandemic, right? What were the onset realities and how did you navigate the situation and ended up with a cohesive product?  

Sohail Javed: ‘Pyar Wali Problems’ was mostly shot before the pandemic; we were halfway through when the lockdown happened. While filming, the only approach we had was to keep it simple and real. Therefore adopting the new situations and following SOPs wasn’t that difficult. Also, I had developed one team that collaborated on the entire project, so there were no surprises any day. We were all pretty sorted out, everything was on paper and we almost knew what we were going to do and what are we going to get. 

CT: They say half of your work is complete if you cast the right actors. What was the casting process for this project, if you can share your experience on that?

Sohail Javed: The casting process started very early; there were some situations where we kept changing the actors as we weren’t sure to work with a certain actor. Having said that, I have been very lucky to work with these people, it’s a stellar cast. They are truly talented and came with an open heart and mind and that’s exactly what I was looking for. ‘Pyar Wali  Problems’ is extremely close to my heart, there’s a personal connection with all the scripts. I have co-written them with a friend of mine Salman. It’s been a wonderful and fulfilling experience.  

CT: How was the experience of working with Sadia Jabbar productions?

Sohail Javed: She’s a good producer and a great partner. It was interesting, the way we collaborated. I got to learn a lot from her. The way she approaches things has given us a sort of new understanding of how to collaborate on a future project. 

CT: What’s the release date?

Sohail Javed: The trailer of Pyar Wali Problems is out today; we are yet to decide the release date. Hopefully, it would go on air within November.

CT: Tell us about your future projects?              

Sohail Javed: I am shooting a play for Express TV titled ‘Ghamandi’ starring Mohsin Abbas Haider and Nazish Jahangir. I am writing a thriller; I hope to finish my feature film ‘Sorry’ next year. There’s one more project I am excited about, I can’t reveal many details about it at the moment. It’s purely for my country, it’s about Pakistan.

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