best of US vs Pakistan memes

Best Of Pakistan vs US Memes (Commentary)

by Mahnoor Saleem

Pakistani pretend to take situations very seriously but in reality they seem very dramatic. Usually, individuals exaggerate things in their own way, but for us, it is natural. Recently, an entire meme trend has emerged which shows how we behave differently from others, making us super proud. When we read those Pakistan vs US memes it seems relevant and amusing. Here are some of the most trendy and entertaining memes.

They are the leading characters behind their own emotional dramas.

But they are so caring.

and their way of telling address is very simple.

Some are real heroes of Pakistan.

You can never get married if your phopo is around.

Husbands are the real victims in this case.

And here comes the logical breakup excuse.

They have patience to wait for their relatives but cannot wait for chocolates.

Pakistani parents think their children can conquer the world.

Once you are graduated, they will throw these words on your face.

Pakistani mothers got this talent.

They are “Beauties with a husband’s brain”.

Mother-in-laws are real gangsters , “Jo baat ha bai”.

Or yahan inky andr ka Mazhab Jaag jata hai

Every-time your team lost a game, say these magic words; Tum jeeto ya haaro Hmy tum se pyaar hai

Don’t call their egos.

Did we really travel to a wonderland?

Aur kabhi Kabhi ghaas bhi kaat de.

This is a proud nation who wants to live as they. Hope this article seems entertaining and amusing. Stay tuned for more!

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