Noor Jahan's kissing other woman

Noor Jahan’s Kissing Scene Got Viral, and It’s Kinda Freaky

by Ayesha Sohail

The Pakistani film industry in the 1950s is considered to be the reflection of our cultural values (sharm-o-haya ki paasdaar) because cinema wielded immense influence on the lives of the people. Diljit, Waheed Murad, Noor Jahan, Neelo were some cultural cinema icons at that time, and their films were super hit. But, imagine watching some Lollywood Classic with your family and your Abba boasting, “Hmaray zamany jaisi filmen tou ab banti hi nahi,” and suddenly, out of the blue, a scene appears in which her favorite legendary actress kisses another woman?

Yeah, I am not kidding, guys. The recent viral video of Noor Jahan kissing another woman has left people with enormous questions. No doubt Madam Noor Jahan reminds us why Lollywood Classic is still ahead of the contemporary Netflix content but what is this scene?

This scene turns out to be from the movie “Neend” directed by Hassan Tariq, released in 1959. The movie’s cast includes Noor Jahan, Asad Jaffri, Neelo, Diljit, and Aslam Pervaiz. Maybe, you have heard that song, “Akeli Kahin mat Jana, Zamana Nazuk Hai,” it is from the same movie. So, as soon as the tweet got viral, Twitter was amid the flood of comments. You know Chaskoray logon ki chaskori baten!

Some people were proud of it, declaring these 15 seconds as a great force against the whole Netflix.

Another Twitterati posted that Pre Zia-Ul-Haq era was a golden one. Lol!

Others were surprised to see their ideal, Noor Jahan, as an LGBT avatar.

Another one has declared Noor Jahan as a homosexual icon. OMG!

People are also disgusted that this generation played a role in declaring Pakistan as the Islamic Republic.

In his reply, a person says that we all have basic human needs.

People also criticized that it is the opposite of what our elders say about their time’s golden cinema age.

However, Pakistanis are famous for denouncing everything rather than ignoring it, be it celebrity marriages, divorces, taboo topics in drama serials, hot photoshoots, or anything sizzling. But, jokes apart, this video has seriously left everyone with this question, what’s the director’s point to add this scene in the movie?

So, what are your thoughts on this?

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