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Netflix normalizing paedophilic content and people are angry

by Muhammad Raza Rasheed

Sexuality is a sensitive topic in many cultures around the world. In some cultures, sex is not something you talk about. And in other cultures, sex is just another norm.

Netflix is a global online streaming leader; it has completely transformed the entertainment industry. Netflix is what Radio was in the 70s and TV in the 90s. There’s a representation of every culture in their content. A person sitting in Bahawalpur can now watch a film about a kid from the slums of Columbia. Some people also believe that Netflix is a step towards a global culture that will be shared by people from all over the world.

Anything that Netflix shows will leave an impact on its viewers. People will base their opinions on what they see, and those opinions will transform the generations. Normal will be what Netflix normally shows to its viewers, people will reject what Netflix rejects.

Netflix just released the film ‘Cuties’ and people think Netflix went too far with this. It tells the story of an 11-year-old girl who joins a dance group and explores the idea of young girls imitating sexualized imagery without understanding what it means and how dangerous this can be.

Although the intentions of the film look righteous, the creators want to show how damaging is the current internet culture. The mistake that creators made is they became a part of the exact problem the film was highlighting. Young girls are shown on the stage dancing inappropriately in almost no clothing. There are many scenes in the film which weren’t necessary, and the story would have found its audience without those scenes. People are calling Netflix out for sexualizing young girls in the name of creativity.

Netflix had come forward and apologize to its viewers.

We are not sure how much this tweet helped Netflix to contain damages. #CancelNetflix had went viral throughout the world by then. This user highlighted how ‘Cutie’ has brought together people from different ideologies to call it wrong when it is wrong.

Pakistan’s TV and Film star Hamza Ali Abbasi came forward and announced to cancel his Netflix subscription. He called the film ‘soft core Pedo Porn’.

Cuties left almost every sane person feel sick, Netflix still went ahead and released the film. Although the changed its posters and description but the questionable content is still a part of the film. Netflix not just another app anymore, It’s a legacy that our generation will leave for the generations that will come after us. The question is do we really want ‘Cutie’ to be our legacy?

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