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I Am Glad The Audience Has Accepted Me In Diverse Roles: Neelam Muneer

by Ozair Majeed

She is beautiful inside-out. She is indeed in a charming position at the moment, a position she has carved entirely on her own terms. Neelam Muneer has had a remarkable journey in showbiz. Articulate, passionate, and intelligent, Neelam’s candor and belief in herself is refreshing and inspiring, to say the least. Chabi Taala is proud to bring Neelam Muneer in an inspiring conversation that is plentifully peppered with candidness.  

Neelam, your career is on a roll, you have the best dramas, best films, and best co-stars to work with. How do you view this phase in your career?

I am grateful to Allah for his blessing upon me. I started off at a very young age; I don’t take my success for granted. I’m very grateful for the last few years I’ve had; with back to back successful drama’s (Dil Nawaz, Dil Moam Ka Dia, Kahin Deep Jaley, Bikhre Moti) and films (Chupan Chupai and Wrong No 2). I am glad the audience has accepted me in diverse roles. I’m taking all that positive energy and putting it into my future endeavors. 

What do you think is your greatest strength?

‘To Forgive and Forget’ is the best action to succeed in life.  

How important is it for you to look glamorous on screen? 

For me, every role isn’t about looking glamorous. For example, ‘Aiza’ from ‘Bikhre Moti’ was a young girl burdened with household responsibilities. Generally, girls don’t dress up to look good when they are surrounded by such situations. On the contrary, I do inquire about the DOP while signing a project and if my character demands me to look glamorous, I make sure that I look the part. I am glad to balance both things well.

Neelam Muneer drama serial Bikhre Moti, films Chupan Chupai and Wrong No 2
Source: Neelam Muneer’s Instagram Account

What’s the equation like when you work with Yasir Nawaz?

As a co-star and director; he is a totally different person. He has added a lot of value to my craft; I have learned a lot while working with him. Yasir has given me powerful protagonist roles and it’s a pleasure to work under Nida Yasir productions.

How much does TRP’s affect you?

TRP’s don’t really matter to me, I put my heart and soul into a project and if people don’t like it, it’s ok with me. One does feel the pressure of doing good every time. My main concern is that the project should be good, meaningful, and entertaining for the masses. I feel the social media platform is more effective to highlight a project.

Dil Nawaz, Dil Moam Ka Dia, Kahin Deep Jaley, Bikhre Moti
Source: Neelam Muneer’s Instagram Account

A drama you wish you done? 

Earlier on in my career, I did a play ‘Jalpari‘ directed by Iqbal Ansari. The makers were willing to make its sequel, but at that point I was hesitant to do it. I was assuming whether the viewers will like it or not. Surprisingly it never happened. Today, I feel I should have said yes to it as it was a bold character.

Tell us about your next feature film ‘Chakkar’. 

 ‘Chakkar’ is an interesting film with a different subject. The genre is entirely new as compared to films being made in Pakistan. I am open to everything that challenges the actor inside me. The powerful premise of the film made me sign the dotted line. All I can say is the audience will love ‘Chakkar’ and it will prove to be a unique cinematic experience.

Are you are shooting a drama with Ahsan Khan? 

Yes, it is tentatively titled ‘Qayamat’. I am shooting for it these days. I am glad I and Ahsan again got the opportunity to work together.  

Neelam Muneer and Ahsan Khan about drama serial Qayamat and film Chakkar
Source: Neelam Muneer’s Instagram Account

In concluding the conversation Neelam told us about her future projects: Right now, my energies are all focused on ‘Qayamat’ and ‘Chakkar’. I will wrap these projects around February next year. I am also reading a script for my next feature film. There are many offers from TV in the pipeline, let’s see what I sign up for next. 

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