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From Humayun Saeed to Iqra Aziz, Celebrities Hail ‘NASFF’ Initiative For Paving Way for New Talent

by Ozair Majeed

(NASFF) National Amateur Short Film Festival, a recently launched venture by ISPR has propelled life into energetic and aspiring new filmmakers. NASFF is exclusively invested in advancing opportunities for our ingenious and endowed youth, who can fabricate high-quality short films to stimulate a progressive persona of Pakistan. 

NASFF captures the genuine essence of our scenic nation and sheds light on the fact that this firsthand festival is the veracious tactic to align perceptions with the reality of Pakistan. It is a complete custom-made opening that conscripts an overall of six themes from which 18 short films will be elected. The pre-eminent objective is that there will be awards for the best film in each category and mobile film category awards as well. Apart from this, there will be apportioned skillset awards and special Jury’s appreciation awards. One of the most fascinating factors lays in the element that high achievers of the competition will get a chance to study in the world’s most reputable film schools on awarded scholarships in any course they would like. This event has clearly shown us the accurate potential of what we can bring together as a nation. It is high time to make use of this pronounced step taken by the ISPR.  

Launched in a highly spirited way, this festival kick starts a talent expedition all across Pakistan. Renowned actors like Mahira Khan, Humayun Saeed, Iqra Aziz, Farhan Saeed, Wahaj Ali, Zara Noor Abbas, Bilal Abbas Khan, Qasim Khan (Alpha Bravo Charlie), Mashal Khan, and Ayub Khoso have come forward to voice their support for NASFF and its objectives. 

Source: NASFF Instagram account

Super Star Humayun Saeed is NASFF’s brand ambassador for Karachi. The talented actor said: “Kudos to NASFF for recognizing and developing proficiency of ambitious filmmakers across Pakistan.”  

The Queen of hearts Mahira Khan stated: “NASFF is a great step forward in stimulating the youth of Pakistan who aspires to be innovative filmmakers.”   

While praising this platform, Wahaj Ali quoted: “Normally we complain a lot that we don’t find good opportunities but this is the time to praise and not complain! NASFF is the right platform for you to participate and show your skills.”

The singer turned actor Farhan Saeed also applauded NASFF and added: “If you have talent, I promise you this is the best opportunity.”

The bubbly Zara Noor Abbas stated: “I am happy to be supporting NASFF. It is bringing a vast wave of ingenuity that will transform the future for our aspiring filmmakers.”

A jubilant Bilal Abbas Khan was all praises for NASFF for evolving the talents of ambitious potential filmmakers in Pakistan. He added: “People who aim to work for the entertainment industry to yield good classic content; they should grab this opportunity.”

Rising Star Mahsal Khan said: “I highly support NASFF new initiative allowing our youth to achieve something bigger.”

Suno Chanda star Iqra Aziz also expressed her views and said: “It is a wonderful platform and I am glad to be a part of it!”

With motivational words from such fraternity members, fresh filmmakers are bound to get passionate about their techniques and skills. This event has hinted at the establishment of an original surge of cinematography in Pakistan that will revolutionize the crescendos of how we are perceived as a nation to the world. In terms of crafting its streak internationally, NASFF is a global manifesto that will surface the way for an excellent new vocation. 

If you are talented and have been looking for a platform then this is it. Register at now and be a part of this sterling festival. 

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