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Nand Review: ARY’s Series on Social Issue is another Typical example of Enmity and Stereotyping

by Afia Murad

For quite a while Pakistani dramas are being criticized for spreading negativity among people. More than 99% of times there is no entertainment and intellectuality in dramas highlighting social issues. Be it joint family system or marital issues, writers are seemingly failed to do justice while giving words to their thoughts. They only feature problems and quick fix is left for last episode in the form of hostility or happily-ever-after. Drama serial ‘Nand’ is one such example,  from its title to characters this drama is full of enmity and stereotypes. For writers it might be an eye catching word, but actually young girls has been inflicted with aptitude and fear through this drama, rather learning how to tackle these issues after their matrimony.

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Irony is, how a single character ‘Gohar’ has the capability to ruin the peace of whole family. Firstly she annihilated Saqib and Rabi’s marriage, and now farwa seems dejected and impotent. Moreover, Gohar is also teaching her son to lie and detriorating him just for the sake of her own happiness. In a nut shell, ‘Nand’ is not just a meaningless drama but also has some interesting lessons for men–  and the one lesson for women too; the only positive facet of this drama.

Nand Drama serial
Gohar, Her son, Husband and Mother In law
Source: ARY Youtube video screenshot

1. Men should try to maintain a balance between his wife and other members of the family

As in drama serial ‘Nand’ Saqib only focused to make his aapi ‘Gohar’ happy and didn’t gave her wife any chance to say something in her defense. So, a lesson for all the men out their to learn from Saqib’s blunders and Hassan’s wisdom; that how he is trying to make her marriage successful by maintaining a balance. The difference can be seen clearly.

2. Give your partner a chance to defend herself

Nand Drama serial Saqib
Saqib and His Wife
Source: ARY Youtube video screenshot

Saqib never gave his wife any chance to speak in her defense and in the end they got divorced. So, realize this thing before its too late.

3. Learn from others mistakes

In this drama Hassan has learned from his elder brother’s misstep and tried to make his marriage successful.

4. Never take your relations for granted

In Saqib’s case, he didn’t gave her wife due respect and love and finally lost her.

Women should also learn from Gohar to not behave like her and try to make their husband and his family happy. Gohar’ leading character in this drama never gave respect to her husband and took his love for granted. She didn’t have any respect for Jahangir’s mother and showed least interest in household chores.

However, few things needs to be improved to revive the level of Pakistani dramas. Writers should jot down something different from these typical things. People who love to see Pakistani dramas would definitely welcome some changes and improvisation.

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Ayesha October 17, 2020 - 2:09 pm

I really like the way you have written about this!!!

Afia Gul October 18, 2020 - 6:27 am

Your style of writing ❤️❤️❤️

Afia Murad October 18, 2020 - 1:33 pm

Thank you afia and ayesha ❤


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