Moin Akhtar

Moin Akhtar The Greatest Star Of His Generation: 5 Qualities That Makes Him Different

by Muhammad Raza Rasheed

The sudden or rather unexpected demise of the legendary Moin Akhtar left a vacuum in the Pakistani entertainment industry. His unmatchable aura was what gave life to numerous memorable roles and countless variety shows. Moin is best known as a skilled impersonator. Starting from PTV in the 1970s he appeared in a number of shows, such as ‘Showtime’ and ‘Loose Talk’. He was among the elite in his generation. He rose to fame during the PTV’s golden days of comedy. Let’s see what made Moin Akhtar a legend for years to come.

Moin Akhtar Pakistani Actor
Source: Moin Akhtar’s Facebook Page

1. Versatility

Moin Akhtar Pakistani Actor
Source: Moin Akhtar’s Facebook Page

It wouldn’t be wrong to call him one of the most versatile actors ever to appear on Pakistani television. He never shied away from providing people entertainment, we saw him as a stage actor, comedian, impersonator, host, and a theatre actor.

2. A Witty Sense of Humor

Wit and humour came naturally to him. Whenever he appeared on screen, one could take their eyes off of him. Says odd and even the most impossible things by him turned into a comedy. His style of delivery, along with sugar-coated made him one of the unique actors of his time.

3. Delivery of Dialogues

The audiences would be glued to the screen and while he delivered his dialogues. His flawless delivery of lines in Urdu set him apart from the rest of his peers. His unique and confident baritone captured the hearts of millions of Pakistanis. People watched his shows each night just to see the magic themselves.

4. Legendary Plays

Plays like “Bakra Qiston pae” and “Buddha Ghar Pae Hae” brought us pure laughter and bliss by watching Moin’s performance. Even though he was performing alongside Umer Sharif, still millions watched the play just for him.

5. Loose Talk & Mimicry

Loose Talk was one of the longest-running shows. It introduced us to Akhtar’s various roles, all different from the previous one. He, being one of a kind legend, played more than 400 different characters. Engaging in banter with Anwar Maqsood and his outclass mimicry performances made the show memorable. He undoubtedly possessed the ability to create wonders. Such legends never die; they are always remembered and honoured for their magical creations for generations to come.

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