Mohsin Abbas Haider’s next is a short film titled ‘Khabardar’

Mohsin Abbas Haider’s next is a short film titled ‘Khabardar’

by Ozair Majeed

Gifted actors don’t always need a big drama or a big movie to prove their talent. They manage to shine even in the shortest frame or a sequence, irrespective of the medium they work for. And a good medium of art doesn’t need to belong to keep audiences engaged. Mohsin Abbas Haider’s upcoming project is a short film titled ‘Khabardar’. The talented actor recently shared an intriguing poster of the project that is directed by Ali Hassan of ‘Meri Guriya, Muqabil & Dilruba’ fame. We at Chabi Taala got in touch with Mohsin to know more about it. Read on…

Divulging exclusive details about Khabardar, Mohsin said: “The plot primarily deals with all the (No’s) that we as responsible citizens shouldn’t be practicing in our daily life. For instance, do not spit, don’t smoke or don’t pluck flowers etc. On the contrary, we have a habit of doing exactly the opposite.”

Talking about the bold content of the short film, he explained: “I feel our audience is watching bold content already on popular digital platforms like Netflix, so I am sure they will respond to ‘Khabardar’ in a positive way. I think someone at some point has to take the initiative to produce such content. Having said that, we have already clarified it on the official poster (PG 18) Bacho Ke Pohanch Se Dor Rakhe. The cast includes newcomers i.e., young and talented students; who have also written one part of the script. Besides, I have co-written the script with the team of writers as well.”

Mohsin shared some interesting insights about the OST: “Initially, we had no plans for the OST, but during the shoot; I conceived the idea of doing a hardcore RAP. It’s been quite a while since I haven’t done a rap, so it was kind of perfect. The music is given by Zohaib Ali Pinkoo. Ali Sher has given the background score. We are yet to shoot its video soon; can’t wait for you guys to see it.”

Mohsin Abbas Haider Exclusive with Chabi Taala, Image Source: Instagram

In an industry where actors struggle to get a grip on the nuances of acting, this young man charms us like no other. It’s surprising to see how Mohsin Abbas Haider is making his way up the ladder by carving his own space. He has made a career out of accepting brave and unusual subjects. An actor with a rare combination of mass and critical appeal, Abbas has always added newer shades with authentic dimensions to emerge out on screen in whatever character he portrays.

On the work front, Mohsin’s recently released his single ‘Kamli’ that has turned out to be a hit already. He is getting rave reviews for his performance in the drama serial ‘Ghamandi’ that airs on Express TV every Tuesday at 8:00 pm. Apart from ‘Khabardar’, it would be interesting to see what he brings next to the table. 

‘Khabardar’ will release on the 15th of March, 2021 on Youtube.

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