Drama serial Nand and Drama serial Jalan starring Minal Khan

It Took Me Nine Years To Reach Here: Minal Khan Talks, About Success Of Drama Serial ‘Jalan’ and ‘Nand’, With Chabi Taala

by Ozair Majeed

Everyone knew Minal Khan could act but it’s her dedication and versatility that leaves viewers spellbound. 2020 saw a new Minal. Her portrayal of the wicked sister-in-law in ‘Jalan’ has been rated as one of the finest performances in recent times. She surprised us once again with her act of a truthful housewife in ‘Nand’. Everyone has been raving about Minal and rightfully so.

It took us five months to get hold of the sensational actress but it was worth the wait. Presenting Minal Khan in an exclusive chat with Chabi Taala! Read on…

Chabi Taala: You’ve struck gold with back-to-back successes (Jalan and Nand). How do you feel? 

Minal Khan: (Giggling and Blushing) I feel validated that my work is getting appreciated. I have worked very hard; it took me nine years to get here. The best part is that people who once didn’t recognize my talent, are now praising my work. The adulation towards my craft is overwhelming.

Minal Khan Talks, About Success Of  Drama Serial Jalan’and Drama Serial Nand With Chabi Taala
Source: Minal Khan’s Instagram

Chabi Taala: ‘Nisha’ in ‘Jalan’ is a firebrand, isn’t she?

Minal Khan: I never expected that ‘Jalan’ would get such rave reviews and turn out to be a smashing hit. ‘Nisha’ allowed me to prove myself as an actor. When I was offered the part, I realized that people from the industry have started believing in my talent that I can pull off a complex role that drives the narrative forward.  I was waiting for this opportunity; as soon as I stepped into ‘Nisha’s’ shoes, I felt confident. I am a director’s actor, I wouldn’t have done it without my director ‘Aabis Raza’, he used to perform the scenes for me, that added great value. The beauty of ‘Nisha’ is that even if she is not in the scene, she has a presence in the entire serial.

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Source: Minal Khan’s Instagram

Chabi Taala: Were you let down by the PEMRA ban?

Minal Khan: Yes! When a project at such a peak faces hurdles, one does get disappointed. I feel people are very judgmental and jump to conclusions way too early. The efforts by the entire team of ‘Jalan’ were at stake. I handled the scenario with an optimistic approach hoping that things would get back on track.  

Chabi Taala: Can you tell us why ‘Rabi’ in ‘Nand’ doesn’t speak up?

Minal Khan: (laughs) Coming out from a negative role, ‘Rabi’ was a great chance to showcase my versatility that I am capable of doing diverse roles. It’s a completely different character; she is an innocent, naïve, and positive girl. She aims to be a homemaker no matter how badly she gets treated. In real life, there are many girls in our society, who don’t speak up under the pressure of their in-laws in order to save their marriages. At the end of the day, it’s a drama, we have added fiction to it. Being a millennial, I would want girls to have a voice. I would also like to mention that ‘Nand’ is what it is because of ‘Gohar’ aka ‘Faiza Hassan’. The entire credit goes to her; I don’t think any other actress could have justified this role.

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Pakistani celebrity wedding pictures
Source: Minal Khan’s Instagram

Chabi Taala: After doing powerful characters the audience won’t accept you as a typical heroine?

Minal Khan: Yes, I feel now it is my responsibility to wisely choose projects that justify my talent. I am open to experiment; I want to challenge myself and expand my horizons as an actor. I don’t want to disappoint my fans by doing something mediocre.

Chabi Taala: How much of your sense of humor translates on screen?

Minal Khan: I try to observe the little nuances of a character; acting is not just about facial expression; it’s about how well you emote feelings. Once you feel it, you get into the skin of the character. At times, it’s tough to get out of that zone.

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Source: Minal Khan’s Instagram
Minal Khan Talks, About Success Of  Drama Serial Jalan’and Drama Serial Nand With Chabi Taala
Source: Minal Khan’s Instagram

Chabi Taala: When will Minal be gracing the silver screen?

Minal Khan: I have been offered a couple of scripts but nothing interesting has come up as yet. I feel I need more time on TV to prepare myself for the big screen. I need to hone my skills by working with good directors and good co-stars. 

Chabi Taala: Have you signed anything new?

Minal Khan: Post ‘Jalan’, I am flooded with offers of a negative role; I rejected all of them as I don’t want to get typecast as a vamp or a damsel in distress. I want to choose well. Right now, I am doing two telefilms based on completely different subjects and characters. I am also considering some offers for a drama serial.

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