Minal khan quit nand

Has Minal Khan Really Left The Drama Serial Nand?

by Mahnoor Saleem

One of the most famous dramas ‘Nand’ has taken another turn after the replacement of the favourite character ‘Nand’. Since then people have been looking answers if Minal Khan has left the drama already? So we ask you are you interested in knowing what actually has happened? Most of you already know what happened in the latest episode of this drama but you might be unaware of the reason behind this massive turn taken in this most hit serial. The play has reached till episode night-eight and still not reaching an end. The most interesting thing is that the story is getting too intense that now it has become a little boring but people are still curious to know the end and watching “Nand” continuously.

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Minal Khan is playing the role of ‘Rabi’ and yes, in the previous episode, your favorite character ‘Rabi’ quit the drama and was shown dead. Are you really sad to hear that? Her acting was fabulous, and she suits the role due to her modest and friendly disposition which is the reason for her crazy fan following. The question is what forces her to leave ‘Nand’?  Is it the demand for the script or has anything else happened?  For all those crazy fans who are really sad to know that their favorite character is gone now and they won’t be able to see her again, we have also been looking for a cause. 

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has minal khan left nand
Source: Minal Khan Instagram Account

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The explanation may be the same as for the character Nand, but we can only presume until Minal Khan personally reveals the truth. The shooting of ‘Nand’ was on a regular basis and the writer is continuously extending the drama due to which both Faiza Hassan and Minal Khan left the serial. We heard various explanations for her departure from some sources.

has minal khan quit nand
Source: Minal Khan Instagram Account

One reason is that Minal Khan’s father was not well in December due to which she had taken a break but after her father’s sudden death, she received a huge shock and she has left shooting of all dramas which is a valid reason behind not seeing ‘Rabi’ from a couple of episodes. 

Personally, I think no one should feel sad after Minal Khan has left the drama because she clearly cannot do anything after the death of her father as her loss is irreplaceable. Although this is the first time one character has gone under a plastic surgery in Pakistani drama and another has died, the decision of Minal Khan to leave the serial is genuine.

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