Maternity photoshoot

Man’s Hilarious Maternity Photoshoot For Pregnant Wife Making rounds online

by Ayesha Sohail

Documenting your growing bump is one of the most memorable parts of being pregnant. Instead of posing for portraits in front of a controlled backdrop, modern moms-to-be are getting creative ideas for maternity photoshoots. One can never regret documenting this change with these less-than-enjoyable moments. But what if this maternity photoshoot turns out to be a paternity one? 

One such incident is, when a mom-to-be could not make it to her schedule photoshoot in Malaga City in southern Spain. Her husband Francisco Pérez, known as Paco, decided to take her place to photograph him pretending to be a pregnant woman. He stepped in for this because he had already paid for it and didn’t want to waste his money. 

The photos imitate actual maternity photoshoots so perfectly that every single stereotypical pose is there, capturing this expecting father and his expanded gut.

The pictures turned out to be hilarious, making rounds on social media and made many laugh out loud. They added an extra flair to the whole pregnancy modeling thing. Hysterical!

Recent trends have reinvigorated maternity photos, from underwater portrait sessions to floral crowns and flowy fabric. The photographer came up with the painted stomach concept and flower accessories. He dressed the man in a blue skirt and a white piece of cloth instead of an actual bra that gave him a damn attractive look!

Maternity Photoshoot
Source: Valentin Bosioc facebook post.

In the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy, the bump has a nice round shape for taking photographs, but the man got a natural one. His hands-on the baby bump, leaning on the ground, swinging stole in the air, flowers in hands got all the perfect captures.

The series was the brainchild of photographer Martyn Wilkes. Although the shoot took place four years ago, the photos are still spreading giggles across the internet. The sources later revealed that the Spanish father arranged the photoshoot as a spoof with his photographer friend as he hoped the project would create good publicity for his work.

Whatever the reason was, we cannot deny that the man rocked his confidence and showed a little skin for his photo session with beautiful mama form in all its glory. It also looks like it’s ridiculously easy to accomplish as long as your belly isn’t in equilibrium. On a lighter note, this photo trend is a great way to capture your love and your sense of humor for your future kids to see.

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