man shoves samosa in buttocks to eat in prison cell

Man Hides Samosa In Buttocks To Eat In Prison

by Laal-X

The midland police recently released a public report of the most unusual arrests in midland in 2020 & guess what there’s a man who on being arrested hid a samosa into his buttocks and wanted to eat that in jail! Now that’s called “The Real Gross”

Humans have always been funny enough to keep entertaining others but at certain times you become unparalleled in your entertaining charms! Samosas: the divine sub-continental cuisine that is barely worth Pkr 10/- but is tastier more than gold (Maybe, We Just Exaggerated A Bit!) Anyhow, who knew that what can a mere samosa force one do in its crunchy love!

Man hides samosa in buttocks

So basically it all started when the man was arrested and was being looked up for any illegal stuff but the stuff they found was not illegal but un-eatable by now! He had been hiding this smashed samosa in his pants to add some exotic taste within. After what this man has done I think of samosas as Samos-Ass!


When the man was asked by the police about this divine samosa he just added some taste to, he told the officers that he secretly wanted to smuggle this samosa into the locker room, so that he may get the taste of a different desi samosa for the last time in his life as he further told the police that he has been informed that the food hygiene quality of these cells is not up to the mark of human standards (BTW, How Could He Believe That Buttock Enriched Samosa Was Up to The Mark?) Still the police didn’t let him eat world’s tastiest samosa with electrolysed buttock minerals to excite the taste buds for once and for all. Poor guy! I think we should raise a collective voice against this police aggression, our slogan will be, “Buttock Samosas Matter!

Further the police argued this event in a rather hilarious manner! The inspector Manj Ahir, from west midlands police criminal justice department, told that the guy wanted that samosa to eat as a snack (or maybe he just wanted to keep them warm) in prison cell as he believed that the prison had no food standards at all. The officer cracked a joke by saying that he might have not seen the positive trip-advisor reviews of those jails!

In the end, we just hope that desperate man might have gotten a samosa to fulfils his hunger (This time Without Nutella) by now because we all believe “Buttock Samosas Matter!

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