Eshaal Piano Covers baari song

This Korean Singer Covered Pakistani Song “Baari” and People Think It’s Cute

by Ayesha Sohail

We always become super excited when some foreigners speak our native language. The fact they try to speak with our accent is always a cute thing for us.

In this video, a Korean singer named Eshaal covered “Baari,” a duet by Bilal Saeed and Momina Mustehsin, and kinda pulls it off.

Hitting 70K likes and 0.7 million views, the song, which was originally a Punjabi love number all over the internet, has already got the public’s attention as the singer hit all the right notes, proving that at how glorious a song can be.

Bari song covered by korean singer eshaal piano
Source: Eshaal Piano’s Instagram

As soon as this Korean singer had covered “Baari,” there was a flood of comments in which people loved her voice, her pronunciation of words like “Uchiyan deewaran” and “dil tutya.” People also appreciated that she had selected a Pakistani song to cover. After all, it’s tough for her to sing and to pronounce the Punjabi lyrics, but she just nailed it.

It’s not the first time foreigners have covered a Pakistani song. Kristie Yung, a Chinese singer, sang Alamgir’s “Keh Dena.” Another joined in “Mitwa” by Shafqat Amanat Ali, and nailed it. Most importantly, how can one forget the famous song (one of my favorite), Malkoo’s Rul Te Gaey Aan Remix with Joss Stone. 

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Thus, as a native Punjabi speaker, I hear many people, especially foreigners speaking my native language with an accent. I have no problem with it because people have an accent if it’s not their native language. They always impress me incredibly, just like this song has made a way through several people’s hearts.

What do you think about her singing skills?

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