Imran khan shared Photos of gilgit baltistan

PM House Apologized For A Due Credit Of Shared Gilgit Baltistan’s Photos

by Ayesha Sohail

Celebrities and politicians often gets a spotlight for copyright infringement issues for sharing photos without buying a license or asking for the photographer’s permission. Hollywood supermodels Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski have also dealt with copyright lawsuits this year. But, what if a well-known, educated PM is held accountable for these copyright issues?

To promote local tourism, PM Imran frequently shares pictures of the northern areas . On Sunday, the PM tweeted mesmerizing photos of Gilgit-Baltistan with a beautiful caption.

The post got likes and retweets in no time, but it also evoked a sarcastic response from the photographer. 

Asmar Hussain’s posted the pictures on his Instagram account for 7 weeks. Additionally, a watermark of pictures was current on one of the picture, which was deleted after which the image was shared from the Prime Minister’s account.

Not receiving credit for the things you worked hard on is frustrating at best. That’s why Asmar Hussain has complained to the Prime Minister. But, how comes Pakistanis don’t start a deluge of criticism to show sympathy to their brother by criticizing PM or the other way around?

So, a twitter user urges the photographer to report the post and sue the premier for stealing intellectual property.

Also, one Twitterati criticized the PM by saying that the photographer should be thankful that PM has not put his own watermark on the pictures.

Moreover, the other posted that Khan always steals from others.

A person, also, posted something deep, which took people’s attention.

On the other hand, Imran Khan stalwarts pointed out that the premier doesn’t claim the pictures of his own. The whole issue could have been an oversight by the PM’s social media team.

Another one has a witty reply,

Others posted that what else the photographer wants if he is getting fame?

PM Office Apologized for tweeting photo without credits

After the PM was well roasted, Photographer Asmar Hussain, finally, says PM Office apologized for tweeting the photo without credits.

Speaking to Samaa TV, Hussain appreciated the premier for promoting tourism. “This is every photographers’ concern; pictures are taken off the internet. Moreover, the only thing we, artists, want is recognition. That a photographer who works hard to capture the moment is credited.”

However, he now wants to present the image to the premier personally. “Would like to present this image to PM Imran Khan personally,” he added.

In the end I would say, we often see a beautiful photo on Instagram and think: “Oh, this is cool, I’m gonna repost it”? We don’t tag the photographer and think that it’s no big deal. It’s just a photo. It is just a photo for US, but for a working professional, someone who makes his living and pays his bills working as a freelancer, it’s not mere a photo. Its hours of hard intellectual and physical work. So, I think Asmar Hussain did something good for claiming collective rights for artists and normalize “giving credits.” What do you think about this?

Here are some other beautiful clicks by Asmar’s Photography we want you to have a look.

Nathia galli KpK
Place: Nathia Galli, KPK
Naran Kaghan valley KPK
Place: Naran Valley KPK
Neelum valley Azad kashmir Pakistan
Location Neelum Valley
Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir Pakistan
Location: Neelum Valley

Pictures shared by Imran khan

PM imran khan says Gilgit baltistan is his favourite place
Location: Gilgit Baltistan (by Asmar’s Photography)
PM imran khan says Gilgit baltistan is his favourite place
Location: Gilgit Baltistan (by Asmar’s Photography)

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