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This Girl Was Looking For Online Shopping Options Ended Up Having Hilarious Conversation With Broken Hearted Seller.

by Maha Farooq

Recently, I came across an interesting post on the Facebook group “Voice of Customer”. A female customer looking to buy a phone cover found herself on the kookier side of the Pakistani online shopping space when a seller decided to engage in a bizarre conversation with her. The lady messaged the seller to ask about the price and availability of her required product and asked for the seller’s contact details. The gentleman in question probably was under the delusion that ladies were dying to talk to him and like a shy maiden, refused to give his number.

The customer clarified that she only wanted to place an order but the seller said that he does not give out his number to girls. The customer tried to steer the conversation in a sensible direction bit failed. The seller, instead of giving the customer relevant information, replied with messages about his broken heart and shattered trust (he was probably confusing his potential customers with free therapists).

funny chat
Source: Voice of Customer FB group
funny online shopping chat
Source: Voice of Customer FB group
online purchase
Source: Voice of Customer FB group

 The lady finally chose to ignore his ridiculous rant and asked if the product could be arranged or not to which the seller replied that he had been ignoring her queries because he knew that she could not afford the phone covers.

online shopping
Source: Voice of Customer FB group

Expecting a sensible response to her query from a professional seller, the poor customer instead ended up interacting with an internet troll. According to the victim of this troll behavior, these antics are a part of the reason why Pakistani customers grow disillusioned with shopping online. These antics must have definitely put her off from shopping online in the future.

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