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‘Phaans’ Is An Interesting Combo of Meaningful Characters with A Strong Message: Sami Khan

by Ozair Majeed

No shirtless photoshoots, no showing off six-packs, no link-ups, no godfathers, no family connections to boast of, and no attention-seeking gimmicks for the cameras! Indeed, Sami Khan doesn’t possess any of these ‘characteristics’; but what he does have in abundance is the dedication and passion for his craft. Resultantly he enjoys humongous success and stardom with his sheer hard work and charming persona. His ability to get into the skin of his characters makes him stand apart from his counterparts. Khan is super busy pleasing the viewers and critics with superlative performances one after the other. Four back-to-back hits are no mean feat; Inkaar, Ishq Zahe Naseeb, Saraab, and Dulhan. This man has got the knack of smelling good scripts.

His next drama serial ‘Phaans’ deals with an important social issue. We at Chabi Taala spoke to Khan to get some interesting insights about the project. Read on…

Sami Khan , Image Source: Instagram

Talking about the premise of Phaans, he said: “Phaans is based on a very major issue about the life of a victim; his fight for his rights and how the system has problems in providing justice to victims of that particular issue. It depicts the consequences and how does it affect the lives of people emotionally.”

Divulging details about his character, he said: “It isn’t just about my role; it’s about the entire story and the message. I loved my character’s arc and how it changes with time and incidents. I am fond of all the characters in the play; it will be a memorable journey for all of us.”

Sami was all praises for his costar, Zara Noor Abbas: “She is a very hardworking and dedicated actress. Zara has worked really hard on this project; I feel this will surely turn out to be one of her best roles. The emotions she portrayed on-screen are simply phenomenal.”

About the question of how this project is different from his previous body of work, he said: “Phaans is an interesting combo of meaningful characters with a strong message i.e., one should fight for his right and seek justice. My director Syed Ahmed Kamran has done a wonderful job and I believe the viewers will love the efforts of our entire team who has tirelessly worked day and night to make ‘Phaans’ so special. (Inshallah)”.

The intriguing teasers and soulful OST have been creating the right buzz and fans are eagerly awaiting the play. Going by the first look, we can sense that the drama serial primarily revolves around an autistic character. Phaans is written by Sameena Aijaz and directed by Syed Ahmad Kamran. Apart from Sami and Zara, the cast also includes Shahzad Sheikh, Yashma Gill, Ali Tahir, Arjumand Rahim, and Zain Afzal.

With every project HUM TV proves yet again that they are best in the business. The content at HUM attracts monetary and mass audience resulting in sky rocketing TRPs for the channel. Ranging from romcoms, romantic sagas, women centric narratives to calling out patriarchy, they deserve all the accolades in portraying a significant role to flourish the entertainment fraternity in Pakistan. It would be interesting to see what ‘Phaans’ has different to offer.

‘Phaans’ premiered with a mega first episode on Saturday, 20th February at 8pm on HUM TV.

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