Frank, Fearless & Loveable. Nadia Khan in a rare heart to heart chat with Chabi Taala!

Frank, Fearless & Loveable. Nadia Khan In A Rare Heart To Heart Chat With Chabi Taala!

by Ozair Majeed

Nadia Khan needs no introduction; she’s one distinctive name who continues to enthrall millions of fans with her magnetic smile. Across a career span of more than two decades, she enjoyed the opportunity to reach out to different sections of the audience particularly with her morning shows. Khan is an essence of the Pakistani showbiz industry, preserved forever, to inspire upcoming actors. Chabi Taala! had a quick chat with the actress. Let’s hear it from the bubbly Nadia Khan herself!

Nadia Khan interview with Chabi Taala

What is your fitness mantra? 

I have never stuck to any one fitness regime and been disciplined about it. For me, it’s mostly the diet alterations more than the gym. I have my gym at home with the kind of machines I like. I like to do stuff that is not harmful to health.

What do you prefer wearing the most?  

Casual PJ’s and shirts. 

What’s your current fashion obsession?

I am not very conscious about fashion and don’t follow any particular trends. What I spend on is makeup.

Mascara or Lipstick?


Nadia Khan Interview

Heels or sneakers?


Favorite restaurant in Karachi?

Xander’s is my all-time favorite, besides I love going to Caffé Praha for nice coffee and food. 

Nadia Khan is scared of?

Lizards are very scary; in fact, all kinds of reptiles scare me. I am scared of fast cars and flying. I get scared when I am not in control.

A role you wish you had done?

I wish I had done the feature film ‘Bol’. The director Shoiab Mansoor wanted and waited for me to do it. It was such an honor that he offered me the film with so much passion and love.

Nadia Khan Morning show host

The best thing about being a mom?

Every day, every minute, and every second is wonderful. It is the most satisfying investment; I feel they make my life beautiful. They energize me, they are my charging ports. Whatever may be the situation; I am enjoying watching my three kids growing up.   

The hardest thing about being a mom?

The teenage phase of children is difficult to deal with. It was short in my daughter’s case as she was very sensible. The fact that you don’t want to say no to them for anything; but later on, realizing that a particular thing wasn’t good for them. I encourage my children to be physically active and participate in sports activities. I feel sports are as important as studies.

One weird habit that you want to change?

I am not good at remembering names; I forget people after meeting them. Even after a few years when I meet them again, I can’t recall them, who they are, when did I meet them etc. It gets very embarrassing; I wish I could change this habit of mine.

How do you manage to stay true to your content in Morning @ Home?

After working in the industry for so long, I feel blessed that people take me seriously and mostly agree when I comment or give my opinion. The format of my show is very simple, we just sit and talk, my intentions are very clear i.e. to provide informative and intelligent content. The success of my show sends out a clear indication that people are willing to watch good content. I have been vocal about it for the last couple of years but TV channels disagreed with me and continued their shows with content like ‘what should you be wearing at a friend’s wedding’. I am glad I proved them wrong. It’s a great feeling to educate, guide, and counsel people. Humanity needs help, people are lonely and depressed. Families and relationships are breaking; these are fragile matters and we need to address them. It is very important to help people with their mental and emotional health. 

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Dinner and musical night with friends hosted by Nadia Khan
Throwback: Celebration of 100 episodes of morning @ home. Dinner and musical night with friends hosted by Nadia Khan. (Pre-COVID)

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