Cambridge just added new word Achha Accha in dictionary

Achha Tou Acha Lagta Hai: Cambridge Just Added Word “Accha” In Its Dictionary And People Have Got No Chill

by Ayesha Sohail

Cambridge International Dictionary of English is one of the most incredible and flavorful pot of linguistic ingredients. From puggle to nothingburger, some silliest words made official this past year. But this time, something new is being added which hailed the desi community and people have got no chill. Viewed as the benchmark for the English language, Cambridge added the word ‘Accha’ formally to their list.

However, the word “accha,” taken from the Urdu language, means okay or used as an astonishment expression. It is one of the most commonly used words in the country that has now been recognized as a real word. Given the latest addition, many from the desi community have different thoughts on this update. Here’s how Twitter is responding in chaos.

For Pakistanis, Achha is not mere a word, rather a feeling. Seriously guys..! If you are angry, say Achaaa bhae theek hai!! If you are sad, say, Chalo acha hai ye bhi.. And if you want to throw sarcasm on your Rishtydaars, say Ohhh!!! Acchaa??? Indeed, a life saving word!!! Just like Andhon mein kaana raaja!

The other tweeted more funnily.

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Some are also conflicted over this addition.

While, the keyboard mafia is straight-up annoyed.

Pakistanis can never be late in giving suggestions. So, the latest suggestion by a random Twitterati comes as,

Moreover, if someone mocks you (reminding you again, the RISHTYDAARS) throw a Ross Face and see the magic!!!

Lastly, The tweet of the year which cracked everyone up,

Thus, living in Pakistan, everybody is familiar with what this simple word means because ‘Achha tou acha lagta hai’, either used in a normal or a cynical way. Many are fighting over the pronunciation and meaning, while, one section of people is busy debating and fighting for its ownership. But the fact that achha is added to the ‘Hindi English’ category of Cambridge dictionary, is now being criticized by the desi community.

Do you also find it funny?

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