Pakistani Celebrity Wedding Dresses

The 7 Best Pakistani Celebrity Wedding Dresses

by Mahnoor Saleem

Each season is a wedding season, but going with the trend is the most important thing for girls. Many celebrities got married last year, and if you see, every couple looked magnificent in their own ways. In Pakistan, with the advent of new fashion flavors, fashion trends diversify every day, resulting in great uncertainty for many girls. They can not choose which trend to pursue properly and for that reason, they try to follow numerous celebrities who have recently married. This time celebrities made us say wow on their wedding dresses because their dresses were simple but unique and beautiful.

In the last crucial year, everyone was restricted to their houses. All marriages get delayed and no one knows what will happen next and how to buy wedding clothes. Still, many celebrities managed to get married. If you want to know about wedding dresses of Pakistani actresses before and after the outrage of the recent pandemic then stick to this article as it introduces different unique and stylish wedding dresses.

Sadia Ghaffar and Hassan Hayat:
Image Source: Sadia Ghaffar via Instagram

Looking back to 2020, at the beginning of this year, famous actress Sadia Ghaffar got married to an eminent actor Hassan Hayat on March 1st,2020.  Sadia was wearing fancy zinc and golden dress which looked gorgeous on her. This combination was liked by many fans and they would love to copy this amazing look.

Sajal Ali and Ahad Raza Mir
Image Source: Sajal Ali via Instagram

Another well-known couple in the industry, Sajal Ali and Ahad Raza Mir got married on 14th March 2020. Both of them were looking super cool together by wearing magnificent dresses at their destination wedding. Sajal has given a little vintage touch to her wedding look. She wore a traditional red and golden dress which influenced many fangirls to follow the same theme at their weddings.

Hina Altaf and Agha Ali Noor
Image Source: Hina Altaf via Instagram

A renowned singer and actor Agha Ali shook their fans by tieing the knot with a famous celebrity Hina Altaf on 22nd May 2020. Hina looked very elegant in her simple and beautiful off white Sharara with simple and traditional embroidery on it.

Faryal Mehmood and Danieyal Raheel

On 28th May 2020, Faryal Mehmood and Danieyal Raheel tied a knot. This cute couple had blown the minds of many viewers through their lavishing look. Faryal Mehmood had broken our traditional norm by wearing a tea pink Saree at her wedding instead of wearing a Lehenga or Sharara. The Sari was looking simple but unique with a little fancy shawl.

Sadaf Kanwal and Shehroz Sabzwari

31st May 2020, was a new start for Pakistani model Sadaf Kanwal who got married to a prominent figure in the Pakistani industry Shehroz Sabzwari. Though the marriage was very simple, they both looked happy together. Both had to face criticism at their wedding. Still, Sadaf was looking cute in her simple red wedding dress.

Image Source: Sadaf Kanwal via Instagram
Sara Khan and Falak Shabbir

A very talented and beautiful star Sara Khan and a famous singer Falak Shabbir tied a knot in July 2020. This is another shocking wedding that had blown the minds of many fans. Every event was full of joy and happiness which had grabbed viewers’ attention.  Sarah was wearing a very beautiful pink and golden dress. With her fancy dress, she wore traditional and unique jewelry which gave a very charming look to her dress.

Image Source: Sara Khan via Instagram
Sana Javed and Umair Jaswal
Image Source: Sana Javed via Instagram

A very cute and humble Pakistani actress Sana Javed got married to pop singer Umair Jaswal in October 2020. The couple had a very cute photoshoot on their big day. It was a simple wedding but Sana Javed was looking beautiful in her traditional pink and golden wedding dress.

So how do you like it? We can see how different celebrities made us say wow on their wedding dresses. Some of these dresses were simple but it looked super cool and magnificent. It does not matter, either you wear a simple or fancy dress, the way you carry, counts a lot. Moving with trends is necessary but being fancy is not important all the time.

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