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I Love To Experiment With Different Characters: Ahsan Khan Talks About Drama Serial ‘Qayamat’

by Ozair Majeed

Not much remains to be said about Ahsan Khan’s choice of work. He has built a career out of accepting brave, unusual, and relevant subjects. The talented actor gears up to mesmerize the viewers with drama serial ‘Qayamat’. The teasers have generated a good buzz and received a positive response on social media. Seems as if Khan has another winner in hand already. We at Chabi Taala spoke to Ahsan to get some exciting insights. Read on…

Ahsan khan talks about Drama serial qayamat
Source: 7th Sky Entertainment Instagram

Chabi Taala: What is drama serial Qayamat all about? The promos have been very interesting.

Ahsan Khan: Drama serial Qayamat is an enterprise that abounds a wide range of human emotions, complexities of relationships, family bonds, compromises, hues of negate, women empowerment, and much more. It is deliciously twisted with a huge premise where the characters are ingeniously placed that will leave the viewers intrigued.  

Ahsan khan talks about Drama serial qayamat
Source: 7th Sky Entertainment Instagram

Chabi Taala: What was that one aspect of the script that made you say yes to it?

Ahsan Khan: 7th Sky Entertainment is one of the best production houses I have worked with. I have been collaborating with them for many years. Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi are true professionals; they really work hard, never compromise, and execute their projects with lavish budgets. My last play ‘Bandhay Aik Dor Se’ was also a 7th Sky production; when I was offered drama serial ‘Qayamat’, I got attracted to my character (Rashid) because it was totally opposite from (Umer) in ‘Bandhay Aik Dor Se’. I never signed up for a negative role post ‘Udaari’ as I didn’t want to be type cast. After a brief hiatus, it was the right time to do a grey character again; such roles give you ample margin to perform. I love to experiment with different characters to prove my versatility. The script by Sarwat Nazeer was fabulous; it had many twists and turns to capture the viewers’ attention. Ali Faizan is a great director; so, yeah, all these factors made me say yes to it.

Ahsan khan talks about Drama serial qayamat
Source: 7th Sky Entertainment Instagram

Chabi Taala: How would you describe your character, Rashid?

Ahsan Khan: Rashid isn’t just negative; he is also repulsive. He uses people for his personal gains and at times abuses them too. He enjoys manipulating others and wants things to be done his way. He is not villainous to a great extent; the problem lies with his upbringing. As the story progress, the audience will get to see the various shades of his personality. It’s a multi-dimensional role; I don’t think any actor would let go of such an opportunity. I would like to share an interesting aspect about the physical transformation of my character. Rashid is a mature person, he’s the elder brother; therefore, to look the part I had to gain weight around seven to eight Kgs. After wrapping up ‘Qayamat’ I had to start shooting for my feature film so it was an uphill task to shed those extra kilos (smiles) but somehow I managed to do it. As they say hard work pays off, the first episode has opened to a thunderous response, wait and watch there is a lot more to come.

Ahsan khan talks about Drama serial qayamat

Chabi Taala: Aangan, Sharukh Ki Saliyan, Alif, Bandhay Aik Dour Se, and now Qayamat prove your versatility as an actor. How do you choose your characters? Is there any formula to it?

Ahsan Khan: I don’t act just for the sake of working. I act to gain personal satisfaction; I enjoy my work. I need to satisfy my soul, challenge myself by doing diverse characters. As I said, I am an actor who loves to experiment; this is how I channel myself be it performing at a theater in London or doing stage performances, or hosting TV shows; there is no formula of choosing work. 

Chabi Taala: Do you think being a popular actor; the responsibility is more on you to project the right message?

Ahsan Khan: I feel not just actors but as human beings, we should all project a positive message. However, actors at times go overboard. It’s not just about the message; it’s about enjoying the craft. For instance, Hollywood actors like Anthony Hopkins and Johnny Depp breathe fire with their performances; their astonishing range in various genres is inspiring. We as human’s and not just actors need to endorse, project, and work for causes.

Chabi Taala: Tell us about your upcoming projects for TV and film?

Ahsan Khan: Besides Qayamat, I am shooting for an entertainment show for Express ‘Timeout with Ahsan Khan. I have also crooned a fun and peppy song for Kashmir Beats; it’s a fusion of hip hop and bhangra. I am doing Yasir Nawaz’s feature film ‘Chakkar’; it is produced by Nida Yasir. I am paired opposite Neelam Muneer; we are tapping into a new genre. It’s been a wonderful experience shooting for the film so far. I am sure it will be a refreshing change for the audience in Pakistan. 

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