Iqra Aziz: 8 Things I Wish I knew Before Turning 25

7 Things I Wish I knew Before Turning 25

by Hassan Tariq

There are bunch of things people have learned or know by a certain age. But after turning that specific “25” age one couldn’t help but contribute to the conversation. There are 7 things I wish I realized and should be taking advantage of, learned, habituated to or did before turning 25.

1. Accepting the compliment


If you get a compliment about being awesome, beautiful, smart, intelligent or perfect looks and you get shy! It’s okay to be shy but giving no response can be arrogant. It’s something positive about me. Giving response and complimenting back is healthy. Never be shy to an extent where the next person thinks you’re not even accepting that you’re awesome.

2. Being selfish at times is okay


Being selfish at some point and stop apologizing all the time is healthy too. Choose the best for your self and do what you want. Stop making excuses to yourself that it’s going to be okay! Choose yourself as a major priority at any point. Stop caring what other people think it’s your life and you have to take the decision.

3. Show some courage


All you need is 20 seconds of courage before you are getting anxious or fearful. Always have the courage to do something you think you can never do. Don’t let those horrible sounds in your brain take control over you, it can be worse. Let your courage take control over you.

4. Ask for help when feeling low


Ask for help whenever there is a need because we are not created to be capable of doing all by ourselves. Even if we are stronger their should be no shame in asking for help weather it is from a friend or a known person. Seeing a counselor while you’re feeling alone and admitting it is never shameful.

5. Keep ego aside and forgive people


Forgiving as soon as possible and acceptance can free you/maintain your peace of mind. It can be hard but forgiving someone is freeing yourself from the burden from the pain they have caused you. Life is way too easier when you accept it was in the past and past is past! Understand and accept who they are and why they did what they did. By forgiving I am able to remove myself from the situation and accept their shortcomings as their own which are unrelated to me. Free yourself from the cage of ego of not forgiving as it can be toxic for peace of mind.

6. Let the toxic relationships go


It’s okay to not be friends with people you once were with. People change and friendship is a two-way road. If your friend is avoiding to communicate with you or treating you the way you don’t deserve, just let go. Sometimes investing time in such friendships can be awful but keeping a toxic relationship can be harmful for your mind.

7. Change is always good


Never ever be afraid of change! Change is good but if that change is making you a humble, wise, and kind person. Don’t be afraid of what you can’t control make your mind of what you can. Don’t push yourself into something you can don’t want to be and you can never be. Let your perspective, reaction and your energy speak.

Life is just a way to realize what has been done and what you can do to be better. I know everyone has its own experiences but still there can be few things which we can learn from each other to make coming day more beautiful. Life is beautiful do not spoil it by just taking it as illusion or dream of some one else.

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