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7 Dialogues of Famous Pakistani Politicians that Turned into Meme World

by Muhammad Raza Rasheed

As news channels in Pakistan are considered the best drama channels, Pakistani politicians are considered the best entertainment source. We have a rich history of political figures delivering the most epic dialogues on different occasions that went viral. Social media meme-makers have created thousands of posts for trolling purposes. Let’s recall the most famous ones.

1. Degree Degree Hoti Hay

According to Chief Minister of Baluchistan, Mr. Aslam Raisani, “Degree Degree Hoti Hay, Asli Ya Jaali Nhi Hoti.” On this statement of CM Baluchistan, a whole group of youngsters gone mad since his statement showed strong support to the corrupt education system.

2. Jab Barish Aataa Hay To Paani Aataa Hay

Recently we witness the golden words that directly came out from the mouth of our very beloved and one of the young Pakistani politicians Bilawal Zardari. He shared the wisdom by letting all of us know that, “Jab Barish Ata Hay To Paani Aataa Hay, Or Jab Ziada Barish Aataa Hay To Ziada Paani Aataa Hay.”

3. Ak Pappi Idhar Ak Pappi Idhar

Altaf Hussain Ek Pappi Idhar... Altaf Bhai Kissing

How can we not mention our very cutie and chubby Altaf Bhai, who sent his love all the way from London?

4. Mujhe Kiyon Nikala?

Kyun Nikala?
Poster of Anwar Maqsood’s play “Kyun Nikala”

Another adorably naive Pakistani politician and former Prime Minister when he saw all the winds against us, he only had to say “Mujhe Kiyon Nikala” in his defense. And it became a famous slogan.

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5. Tabdeeli aa nahi rahi, Tabdeeli agai hay

The most loved PM in the history of Pakistan always comes with swag. Either we talk about his personality, achievements, or his slogans, there are so many, but this one was literally recalled for a longer period and still the famous one.

People used to go mad just to see Imran Khan delivering this epic dialogue.

6. Roti Kapra Or Makan

Roti kapada aur makaan
Rotti Kapada aur Makaan (1974) Bollywood movie poster.

This is one famous slogan, thrown by the former socialist leader of Pakistan People’s Party, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. “Maang Raha Hay Har Insan, Roti Kapra Or Makaan.” Did Bhutto know that this one will get so popular that even after generations will be recalling it?

7. Zinda Hay Bhutto Zinda Hay

Benazir Bhutto got so much from her father’s personality, even the sense of making famous slogans. “Kal Bhi Bhutto Zinda Tha, Aaj Bhi Bhutto Zinda Hay” got so trendy that many YouTubers have made songs on it. But it looks like the talent didn’t pass down to Bilawal.

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