Ghapa Ghap Sanju

“The Multani Ghapa Ghap”, A Perfect Non-Exotic Taste Changer

by Chabi Taala Desk

Multan is a perfect tourist spot for the young warm-hearted generation of Pakistan that holds ancestral integrity in the form of the Uber-famous forts and mosques of Multan. But apart from this historical importance of this city, it is also known for its very famous sweet dish cuisines including the most popular “Multan Ka Sohan Halwa” but apart from this cuisine, I found an even tastier cuisine, “The Ghapa Ghap”. Ghapa Ghap has been a viral cuss word after the famous Bollywood movie “Sanju” but this is not that exotic one but a sweet ‘n sour special dish of Multan!

Not more than a couple of days ago, I and my friends were headed on a road trip to the city of the saints, “Multan”. Traveling, as we all know, has never been so easy for any of the road runners but then we do not let obstacles come in the way of our tourism passion. But at this very moment in the evening, we were really tired and wanted to have a bit of refreshment, so we headed to this quite popular cafe, “Evenings In Multan”.

Evenings in multan serves ghapa ghap
Address: Opposite Multan Arts Counsil, Multan

When we at first received the menu, there were many weird names on the list like Zingo Bingos & Speed Breakers but then we came to the name we shouldn’t have! It was “The Ghapa Ghap” at once me and my friends turned horny, I started blushing and then, and then…………… then nothing you frustrated audience. I was just messing around. Anyhow, after thinking a lot of the odds that what will we be served with, I finally used all my guts to order it. (now I don’t have guts, just kidding)

Evenings in multan serves ghapa ghap

But then believe me when it came, it was just so tasty that I could not resist letting my taste buds tingle with its sweet ‘n sour taste! The premium luxury of the dish was that it was served with spicy & meaty hot chicken chunks along with salty & crispy french fries served with crunchy salad to get the molars onto work. But the best part of this dish was the sweet honey mustard sauce & the creamy white sauce that made our taste buds tickle!

Evenings in multan serves ghapa ghap

Considering the food on one side of the story, the cafe was itself so miraculously beautiful and designed as if angelic. I remember those beautiful walls that were decorated with some stunningly inspiring quotes. The colourful patterns all around the flour of the cafe made it so vibrant that I wanted to stay there forever, and how can we forget their bonfire scenery, it was a perfect outdoor spot that made me remember my school days.

Evenings in multan serves ghapa ghap

The fact we came to know later was even more inspiring and motivational just like those quotes on their walls. It was that this premium and luxurious cafe was owned by two mediocre brothers. While having a small chit chat with them, we came to know about their desperate startup. They had crucial financial crisis at when their cafe started but as they say, “We always snatched back our hope when desperation tried to take it away from us, and in the end, as we believed, we succeeded” Got your motivational goosebumps, right?

Conclusively, if u are ever going to be in multan, I highly recommend you to go out to this cafe and for sure check out their majestic “Ghapa Ghap”!

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