Banana Pakoras

Banana Pakoras Exist And I Seriously Don’t Know How To Feel

by Ayesha Sohail

Food is love, and Pakistani food is the cherry on the pie. People love to go to restaurants to take break from home cooked vegetables (especially Teenday). Some prefer to try new recipes, while some start their own food initiatives. Food is also a fast-growing category on YouTube—you can find every recipe—but isn’t it surprising to find perfect tea snacks in the form of Banana Pakoras and Jungli Bone Marrow in your lunch?

Yes, you have heard, right. Yesterday, I was scrolling through YouTube for my own taste change, and something interesting caught my sight. Instead of a fancy-schmancy fine dining restaurant and a humble kitchen with fully equipped professional studios and a camera crew, a guy named Usman, from the YouTube channel “Village Food Fusion,” standing in his Western-Desi style kitchen, telling an interesting food recipe. Instead of listening to that guy (which is obviously unfair being a girl), I started focusing on the kitchen in his background.

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A four-walled brick room, some cemented shelves, and flower pots placed on one side. I also saw a grill over one shelf, and a tomb shaped hand-made oven (more like a western Tandoor). As soon as I started listening to that guy, he was telling a recipe of Banana Pakoras.” I explored more, and the next was Mutton Rosh.” My curiosity increased as I read Fruit cake without an oven and cooker,” Grilled fish,Bharwan (Stuffed) Shimla Mirch,” Jungli Bone Marrow,” and Lauki Kofta from the thumbnails. I was curious by the names of his recipes and that guy’s talent to prepare these fancy items in that rural looking kitchen setting.

The first one I viewed was Banana Pakoras because it was interesting seeing someone adding a Meetha-Namkeen combo in your tea snacks. The pakoras were a bit sweet because of the mashed bananas instead of potatoes. Their compelling color was a true appetizer, and to make your snack time fun! The people who love to eat Salan with Zarda, after seeing this video, will say (Akhir Hamari Bhi Kisi nay sun li).

Similarly, Jungli bone marrow,a next level Tawa Qeema item I never heard before. But his recipe, the color of the dish, the smoke, and the ingredients compelled Desi lovers (like me) to try it for once in their homes. So, if you want to find the perfect western and Desi meal combos in a Desi style western kitchen, Village Food Fusion is the perfect digital platform for the young digital-savvy audience.

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