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9 Things Everyone Must Try For Ultimate Food Street Experience in Karachi

by Mahwish Moiz

Being in Karachi and not trying street food, it is a big shame. You might be aware of the term “Food To Die For.” But have you ever visited a Food-Street to die for? If you haven’t, then go, visit Burns road’s food street. It is the hub of the most delicious and popular foods. Here, everything is so tasty that you will become greedy and demand more.

Let’s have a look around the menu this street offers.

1. Fresco Bakery’s Dahi Baray

Fresco Bakery’s Dahi Baray
Source: kfoods.com

2. Azaad bun Kabab

Azaad bun Kabab
Source: Youlinmagzine.com

3. Food Centre’s Masalaydar biryani


4. Mazedar Haleem with Naan

Haleem with Naan
Source: Dawn.com

5. Delhi Rabri House

Delhi Rabri House
Source: thenews.com.pk

6. Agha Sajji

Source: Fruits and food of Pakistan Facebook Page

7. Makhan Katta-kat from Café Lazeez

Source: Cooktroop

8. Sabri Nihari


9. Waheed Kabab

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All of this and much more mouth-watering food is available 24/7 on Burns Road’s food street at cheap rates. Karachiets comes from far away areas here just to enjoy food. This street was developed in the era when eating out with family was not very common in Karachi. That is why there is no proper area outside to sit and dine. Take away is a common concept.

 The lane is full of street vendors, offering cheap yet tasteful food such as Chana Chat, Aaloo Chat, Kachori, Pakoray, and Halwa Poori.

Now, as the trend of dining out with family and friends is getting popular, people like to explore new places to eat. And with the feasibility of home delivery services in hotels, people order their food at home.

But still, all the advancement and development in culture has failed to beat the taste of this local street. Because it is not about the brands, it is about the essence, and Burns Road Food Street is the essence of Karachi. And True food lovers especially step out to enjoy the food of this popular lane.

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