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This Is How Our Celebrities Spent Their Blackout

by Mahnoor Saleem

Knock knock! Are you there? Or gone with the power system breakdown? So how did you feel without electricity, water and mobiles? Did you feel bad when you get up and find no water in your toilets? Everything is connected, right? What are you worrying about? Don’t you know we live in Pakistan and every strange thing is expected to come up here? We understand it is not possible to keep calm and take it easy but actually not even a single thing is in our hands.

Definitely everyone had shared memes and didn’t stop laughing at this crucial stage of life. Similarly, our celebrities had done the same. Last night, everyone was feeling same including our famous celebrities. This blackout had removed the distinction between rich and poor people because this situation lasts for a long period of time and we had lost our backups as well. How to relax and make everyone feel comfortable was one thing that had been valued the most.

On this frazzled occasion, our famous singer Momina Mustehsan shared her views with a little comic flavor. Maybe she did not want to become emotional and trying to be a little sarcastic about the blackout that’s why she tweeted;

On the other hand, one of our well-known faces of industry, who was once a morning show host, tweeted in a very realistic way. It was not the case that she was the only person who realized the pain of others but that was her way of expressing views about power breakdown.

Meanwhile, Noor Hassan wins the meme game because he had copied Asad Bajwa’s Tweet and shared a realistic post on instagram with us in an extreme comic way.

Not only this, Zara Noor Abbas, the very pretty face of industry, also felt very bad because she was unable to download an episode of a famous show ‘ Big Boss’ and she has tweeted,

The game doesn’t end here, even if the breakdown is over, people are still sharing their views and also highlighting problems either in a serious way or comic way.

What are the best memes you saw on social media yesterday? leave your picks in comments

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